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At the start of his career at New Relic, my boss Jemiah Sius kicked off a series of meet-ups he dubbed "Observability Day" (or "O11y Day" for short). These were informal, local events where New Relic staff could sit down and get to know observability practitioners and the people using our product in a particular part of the US.

O11y Days were a huge success for everyone involved but fell by the wayside like so many things during the pandemic. Here in the earliest moments of 2023, nobody is implying that the pandemic is over or behind us. At the same time, it can't be overlooked that we're better at keeping ourselves safe and healthy, and many folks are more comfortable with (not to mention eager to start) gathering again.

And so we're excited to announce that we're restarting New Relic O11y Days, with our renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated kick-off starting at noon on February 7, 2023, at Top Golf-The Colony just outside of Dallas. If you're going to be in the neighborhood, we'd love to see you! 

For our part, we'll be running interactive sessions on: 

  • Observability at scale with Terraform
  • OpenTelemetry with modern applications
  • Getting started with New Relic infrastructure

If you aren’t familiar with O11y Days, they’re held in multiple cities around the US. Each one-day event is focused on helping developers, operators, and everyone in between learn more about building, running, and debugging their services by teaching key observability practices.

In turn, the attendees get a front-row seat to demos and workshops, as well as a chance to have unguarded and frank conversations about their needs related to the New Relic product road map, capabilities, and vision.

At The Colony, we'll start with lunch, fill your brain with three different workshops, and for those who want to hang around, we'll provide a buffet dinner along with a round of golf, all on us.