Join Us for New Relic O11y Day: Miami

Remember when we used to meet and build cool projects together? We miss those days. That’s why we’re excited to announce New Relic O11y Day: Miami on February 23, 2023. 

This event is jam-packed with hands-on lab sessions, lunch, and drinks—and even a little time to try your luck at getting the top spot at Topgolf Miami Doral. New Relic O11y Day is where you learn the core principles of observability by getting hands-on and leaving with new skills in your tool belt. 

Our upcoming session in Miami, Florida, will guide you through topics like:

  • We’ll show how to leverage Observability-as-code with the Pulumi infrastructure-as-code SDK

  • We’ll explore ways to collect custom metrics with New Relic Flex

Reserve your spot for New Relic O11y Day: Miami now! And keep an eye out for instructions with tips on how to maximize your experience.

What is New Relic O11y Day: Miami?

New Relic O11y Day is dedicated to software engineers and operators responsible for building and running the applications we all use and love. At New Relic O11y Day, we want to help you build, run, and debug your services by teaching you key observability practices and having a little fun while doing it.  

Our goal is to teach you skills that make your next incidents a breeze to detect, triage, and remediate. 

Why attend New Relic O11y Day: Miami?

  • Learn by doing, not by looking at slides. 
  • Form a deep understanding of what your peers are doing in a way that’s only possible through interactive in-person sessions.
  • Engage with other engineers within your local community and build your network.
  • Tap into the expertise of New Relic engineers who build the experiences you use every day.
  • Enjoy delicious free foods, fun, swag, and other prizes.
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