Every engineer needs intuitive access to telemetry data. Whether you’re debating sprint priorities, troubleshooting a performance issue, understanding the impact of a recent deployment, or simply improving overall uptime and reliability, you’re dealing with increasing complexity across your stack. You need the right data to navigate it all, and you need it fast.

To help, we've reimagined the New Relic UI.

Now generally available, the enhanced user interface includes:

  • Intuitive navigation: Get to your data faster with simple and consistent navigation across the entire platform.
  • Easier instrumentation: Immediately access hundreds of data sources, pre-built dashboards, alert configurations, and custom applications that help you monitor your stack from the Add data button in the sidebar navigation.
  • Full customization: Personalize your experience by pinning the features you use most to the new navigation.
  • Default system health-at-a-glance: Instant visibility of all of your services in one place with throughput, response rate, and error rate under the new All entities option.
  • More room for data: Declutter your workspace by collapsing the side menu so you can see more of your data at a glance.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started using the redesigned New Relic.

1. See your entire system health at a glance by selecting All entities.

New Relic Explorer is now found under All entities on the sidebar menu. When you select All entities, you’ll see your system health at a glance with all your hosts, services, containers, and more in one view, so you can catch issues when they happen.

2. Customize your navigation experience for just the capabilities you want.

We redesigned our navigation to make your experience easier and faster. Now, you start with a standard set of capabilities on the sidebar menu. And you can personalize your navigation to include just the capabilities that you use most.

After you’ve turned on the new design, you can start customizing your navigation by selecting All capabilities to see a catalog of all our features. Browse new and existing capabilities. Browse around to learn more about each feature and all the value you can get from New Relic.

When you see a feature you want to try, or one you’ll use often, select the pin icon to add that feature  to the customizable left sidebar for easy access. To remove pinned capabilities, simply clear the active pin in All capabilities, and you’ll remove that capability from your personal sidebar navigation. Don’t worry, you can always add it back later.

3. Navigate your data with ease and uncover answers quickly.

We’ve pinned the query builder to the left sidebar to make it easily accessible so you can harness the power of your data in just a few clicks. 

Take advantage of data explorer, where you can navigate all your data visually, without any NRQL knowledge. Or, create your own customized queries using NRQL. Fetch, analyze, and visualize all your data in any way that you want, and discover insights that help you track the health of your systems and services.

4. Connect the data you need, faster, from the sidebar.

It’s easier to connect your data to New Relic, directly from the sidebar menu.

When you select Add data on the sidebar, you’ll see our catalog of hundreds of data sources. This is where you’ll find quick set ups for hundreds of integrations. We’ve included pre-built dashboards, alerts, and other apps and visualizations that make it easy to get started monitoring the data you care about most.

See how easy it is to get started in this demo video:

5. Invite teammates, turn on dark mode, update your profile info, and modify other settings.

We’ve moved the user menu to the bottom left corner of the UI to give you more space for your data. You’ll now access your profile, set your user preferences, switch to dark mode, invite a teammate to New Relic, toggle on and off the new design, and modify other settings from the lower left corner of your screen.

6. Get support, learn about the latest releases, give feedback, and find valuable resources.

Whether you want to learn about the latest feature included with your New Relic account, need help figuring something out, or have valuable feedback—the new Help UI location is available in the lower left corner of your screen, right above the user menu. 

Select Help > What’s new to see all of the latest feature releases, get free resources including courses and walkthroughs to level-up your observability practices, and find documentation for any additional questions.

Explore the reimagined New Relic interface

Here’s a video that walks through all these tips: