Errors inbox now supports OpenTelemetry-based tracing span data—an innovation unique to the New Relic platform. 

Now, you can triage error groups inside errors inbox in your services instrumented with OpenTelemetry tracing. You can immediately view OpenTelemetry tracing details including the stack trace, span event, and span attribute data needed to pinpoint the cause of an error.

It’s easy to get started. Access the errors inbox view for a specific service entity by navigating to that entity in the Services - OpenTelemetry view and selecting Errors inbox in the far left navigation. No workloads need to be set up.

Enhanced error visibility and filtering 

This easy-to-use error tracking experience will help you better detect, prioritize, and triage errors, offering views of errors at both the entity and the workload level. These aggregation features make it easier to spot patterns and pinpoint issues.

New Relic and OpenTelemetry

New Relic is a proud contributor to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)’s OpenTelemetry open source project and supports the ingestion of OpenTelemetry telemetry data to power many observability capabilities such as:

  • Trace maps help you visualize the execution of a specific request through different services and include span information. 
  • AutoMaps and Related Entities allow you to identify issues in your services and understand how your services are connected to your infrastructure components.
  • New Relic Lookout provides a real-time view of unusual system behavior across your accounts. It highlights changes in your telemetry in dashboards and requires no configuration.

Easily find the details you need

Previous to this update, you may have had to dig into error traces one at a time in search of stack traces. With this update, you can now view the following easily:

  • Errors at the workload level
  • Error group attribute analysis
  • Error count and error rate grouped in a single interface

View errors at the workload level 

In the event that you prefer to view multiple entities, errors inbox can be scoped at the workload level by navigating to Errors inbox on the top-level menu and selecting a workload. 

Global Errors inbox for an OpenTelemetry workload.

View error count and error rate in a single interface 

Error group details provide log information as well as an attribute list.

View error group attribute analysis

 The attribute analysis tab shows similarities between error events that help with root cause analysis.

If you haven't used errors inbox before, check out these existing integrations:

  • Slack: View new and resurfaced error groups in Slack, with direct links to stack traces. 
  • Jira: Create Jira tickets from within errors inbox and set up templates that include error details and links directly to the stack trace. You can easily access associated tickets if an error reoccurs.
  • CodeStream: Connect errors inbox to CodeStream to funnel telemetry data directly into your IDE View and manage your assigned tickets, collaborate using advanced chat functionality, create a new branch and submit PRs, and request as well as receive feedback as necessary alongside your code. Also, Golden signals metrics are available in Codestream for Python.