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Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) helps you manage, scale, and deploy your Kubernetes clusters, but you still need to monitor your clusters and applications to mitigate problems and optimize performance. Container-based environments are uniquely challenging to monitor, in part because containers are constantly being added and removed. With our new add-on for the Amazon EKS Blueprints framework, built on the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK), you can now deploy New Relic’s observability components with code instead of manually instrumenting, making it simpler to monitor your EKS clusters.

Our add-on makes it easier to deploy Kubernetes observability components from New Relic to your EKS clusters, using programming concepts you’re already familiar with. Pixie is built in as an optional component, with no additional setup for eBPF-based observability. Adding New Relic into your EKS environment means you can correlate your services’ golden signals with Kubernetes infrastructure and access your container logs in one click, minimizing the time it takes to detect and diagnose issues.

See the AWS Partner Network blog to learn how to install the AWS Cloud Development Kit, initialize a new project, and build an EKS cluster containing the New Relic EKS Blueprints Add-on.

Whether you're just getting started with EKS Blueprints and the AWS Cloud Development Kit, or you're a mature DevOps shop looking to manage, secure, and automate your development platforms, the New Relic add-on for EKS Blueprints gives you deep visibility into the performance of your cluster.

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Watch this video to learn how to deploy the add-on for EKS Blueprints in your cluster.