During this unprecedented time, I’m grateful to work at New Relic and to have the opportunity to spend a lot of my time thinking about and activating programs to help in any way we can with coronavirus pandemic relief. I know that helping our customers and partners keep their digital businesses up and running is more important than ever. Through NewRelic.org—our corporate social responsibility program—it has been inspiring to learn about how individuals and communities are coming together to develop creative solutions and help others during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In March, we announced the expansion of our New Relic Product Donation and Discount Program to provide free access to the entire New Relic One platform, for 90 days, to any new customer organization—nonprofits and beyond—engaged in COVID-19 relief efforts with a specific public benefit. 

Today, I’m excited to share a few stories about some of the organizations that have taken advantage of this program and are now using New Relic One to support their COVID-19 relief efforts. Read about their worthwhile projects below and learn how you can get involved and support them. 

CoronaSafe Network

CoronaSafe Network is an open source, public utility designed by a multidisciplinary team of innovators and volunteers who are working on a model to support government efforts, with the help of the government of Kerala, India.

The network is a collection of multiple integrated applications to help in centralized capacity planning, managing, and reporting. The system includes:

  • A curfew pass management system
  • A facility management system with patient management
  • An ambulance network 
  • A food and medicine delivery network 
  • COVID-19 awareness material in seven local languages

Check out their website and GitHub


Based in Brazil, Docato’s goal is to make digital and face-to-face customer demands more agile. According to Docato, “We want to make bureaucracy invisible to our customers. The moment of crisis is worrying many companies, with news of mass layoffs, reduction of workloads, and recession. We want to contribute to the recovery of organizations when they return to their activities, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. Thus, we will offer 200 digital services for free to organizations, helping them return to business.” 

Complete the form to access their services.


Pand-Aid is an open source project that aggregates the most vulnerable population’s needs and allows multiple organizations (nonprofit, government, and healthcare facilities) to distribute aid and ensure access to proper health-safety training material. 

Once this minimum viable product has been met, optional anonymous symptom tracking capabilities will be developed to aid tracking of the spread of COVID-19 (and future outbreaks), and provide additional data points for researchers investigating vaccines and treatment. 

To get involved, check out their GitHub

Race 2 Breathe

Founded by six enthusiastic volunteers, Race 2 Breathe launched an initiative in Paris, France, on April 6, 2020, that enables hospitals to order 3D-printed personal protection equipment (PPE) and medical equipment locally. Here’s how it works: a local 3D printing company receives an order and can potentially deliver the equipment within hours, not days or weeks. Anyone owning a 3D printer can print PPE. (Note: for respirator machine replacement parts, only certified and approved print facilities are allowed to participate.) 

Race 2 Breathe seeks talented individuals, including translators and developers, to join its international and diverse team. If you are interested in strengthening the team of volunteers and keeping the momentum going, apply on the careers page.  


WelTelHealth uses two-way SMS communication to improve patient adherence to medication and engagement in care.

In the context of COVID-19, WelTel helps triage, monitor, and support COVID-19 patients (cases and contacts) in real time via automated text messages, phone, and video, and keeps them safely monitored during home isolation or quarantine.

With over a decade of global health field experience and more than 2,000 citations of its published work (Lancet, NEJM, The Economist), the team can deploy in most countries quickly. SMS-based communication ensures no one is left behind. 

For more information, visit the website.

If you are part of an organization providing relief efforts for COVID-19, for the public benefit, apply for access to the New Relic One platform. Once received, our team will review your request and respond with the next steps. We hope to hear from you soon—we’d love to help in your efforts.