At New Relic, we’re guided by our values and driven by our mission to create more perfect software. Through our social responsibility programs, we’re committed to supporting not-for-profit organizations who are working tirelessly on the biggest challenges of our day (and in 2020—those obstacles are greater than ever).

Much like their for-profit peers, not-for-profit organizations are seeking to embrace digital strategies so they can better serve their missions. Like for-profit organizations, nonprofits and charities face the same challenges for uptime and performance, speed of innovation, and scaling efficiently. But their resources are much more constrained and we recognize that every dollar saved is a dollar that can be re-invested in their missions. They need observability to deliver powerful digital experiences that drive the positive impact they have in the world.

With this in mind, we’ve spent the last few months building a modern technology donation program that ensures our customers can afford and utilize the best of what New Relic has to offer.

Today, we’re thrilled to announce Observability for Good. By giving free access to New Relic One—including five free seats of Full-Stack Observability—our program will ensure that the world’s NGOs, nonprofits, and charities have the tools they need to drive their missions forward with more perfect software.

Observability for Good isn’t just a discount program—it’s expansive, free access to New Relic One for eligible organizations, forever. We recognize that free software isn’t always beneficial for every organization, so we’re also dedicated to partnering alongside these organizations in their enablement.

Here’s what’s included for eligible organizations:

  • 1TB of data ingest per month in the Telemetry Data Platform, for free
  • Up to 5 standard users with access to Full-Stack Observability, for free
  • 50% discount on Applied Intelligence
  • Additional platform discounts for use beyond the free tier
  • Access to ticketed support services
  • Access to programs, such as our Pro Bono program (which kicks off later this month!) where New Relic Employees will volunteer to help not-for-profit customers with scoped technical projects to ensure optimal use of New Relic One

Note: Program access requires eligibility validation with our partner, TechSoup. In the past 30 years, TechSoup has reached 1.06 million NGOs and facilitated the distribution of technology products and grants valued at more than $13 billion.

I’m so excited about this effort. If you could use visibility into your technology, we encourage you to join 500 other not-for-profit organizations and apply for the Observability for Good program at