I’m thrilled to share that today we’ve reached an important milestone as a company—the launch of our first Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Impact Report. I know it’s a lengthy report, but I’d encourage you to take the time to read it. As you step back and look at the work we’ve done in this area, I’m certain you’ll feel—as I did—a greater sense of pride at how far we’ve come as a company and the impact we’re having inside and outside the company. 

Through the creation of this report and our formal ESG practices, I’ve strengthened my belief in New Relic’s ability to use software as a major change agent for good in the world, and our opportunity has become even more clear.  I’m sure this fuels the thoughtfulness and execution that each Relic across the company puts forth every day to make New Relic a force for positive change. 

This report represents the culmination of work that several of our departments have been building toward over the years and is focused on four key material topics: our employees, data security and trust, equitable access to technology, and environmental impact. 

Here are some of the elements of the report I’m most proud of: 

  • Embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion: Our commitment to recruiting, hiring, and promoting team members from diverse backgrounds has resulted in significant achievements in pay equity across gender and race. We’ve made progress in increasing representation in our workforce of Black and Hispanic employees in the US, and of women company-wide. 
  • Increasing affordable access to technology: We’ve donated $6.5 million in free and discounted products to nonprofits and charities around the world, and our employees spent 5,038 hours volunteering through Volunteer Time Off (VTO) Community Service in 2022. We also launched New Relic Student Edition, a program offering an expanded free tier of New Relic for students. We continued investments and contributions to the open source community, including our active membership of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and as a top contributor to their OpenTelemetry Project, and contributing the seed code to the Pixie Project, a data collection platform that uses machine learning to monitor applications running in the cloud. 
  • Advancing sustainability: We also implemented environmental management software and undertook a GhG Emissions review of the last three years in order to benchmark Scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions from pre-pandemic to the present day. Through this process, we hope to better understand our operational impacts and create a strategy to address carbon emissions.
  • Building a privacy and security culture: We obtained HITRUST certification, adding to the growing number of data security standards and certifications we adhere to, including:  ISO 27001, SOC2, FedRAMP Moderate, and TISAX. 

In the process of deepening our commitment to ESG, I felt strongly about weaving it into our strategy for our technology, people, and business. By integrating ESG into the foundation of our organization, we’ve made it a top priority, which in turn ensures that we are building a resilient business. If I’ve learned anything over the past two years, it’s that we cannot predict what the future will hold—and we must build our business to be resilient.

We know there’s always more work to do. The report illuminates our growth areas right alongside our accomplishments as we strive to embody a growth mindset by continuously listening to our employees, customers, partners, and peers, and committing to steady improvement. In the next year, this will include developing our climate strategy and using our obsession with data to set ambitious goals to move us forward. We value progress over perfection but hold ourselves accountable to high standards and data-driven outcomes.