Almost a year ago, we launched New Relic One—an open, connected, and programmable observability platform that allows developers to build on top of it. Using New Relic One, teams can create innovative, custom solutions to fill small gaps or to curate their data in ways that allow them to solve significant problems in their organizations.

As part of our promise for New Relic One, we’re building an ecosystem that puts the developer first. We’ve made resources like New Relic One applications, APIs, and the telemetry SDKs readily available. And now, we’re ready to increase our engagement with our developer community—even more than we already have—to ensure that our efforts are open and connected. We’re ready to partner with our users who are developing on New Relic One. And to meet that goal, we’re launching the New Relic Developer Champion Program.

The Developer Champion Program—creating New Relic Experts

Led by the New Relic Developer Advocacy team, the New Relic Developer Champion Program invites developers currently using New Relic One to be selected for an exclusive, one-year role as a Developer Champion.

Champions are vetted and selected through a nomination process, and we ask them to make good-faith agreements to be recognized within our developer community through specific venues and activities, such as highlighting their work with New Relic in our developer forum and blog.

Developer Champions will be granted unique access to our Developer Advocacy team, and they’ll also have access to:

  • New Relic product teams. We expect Developer Champions will have creative projects that need guidance from New Relic engineers. In such cases, they’ll have access to and support from our product and product marketing teams.
  • New features and products. Developer Champions can expect early access to New Relic products and features before they’re generally available, so they can provide direct feedback to our product teams.
  • Plenty of recognition. We’ll ensure our Developer Champions get recognized in our developer community as experts on New Relic products and tools.

Read on to learn more about how developer champions support the community, the nomination process, and more details about the participation model.

What it takes to be a New Relic Developer Champion

Any New Relic developer or practitioner passionate about building on and extending their use of the New Relic platform is invited to apply to the Developer Champion Program. We believe good Developer Champions are:

  • Transparent in their engagement with our developer community.
  • Problem solvers who identify trends and methods for solving challenges in their industry using the New Relic platform.
  • Creative thinkers eager to build creative projects with the community.


What you'll do as a Developer Champion

Developer champions are actively involved in the New Relic community. As a champion, you'll share your expertise with developers, ops professionals, SREs, and other New Relic users by agreeing to one or more of the following activities:

  1. Engage with the developer community to identify new projects and areas of improvement
  2. Serve as  an ambassador to identify unique solutions for common questions within the developer community
  3. Author or maintain an accepted, open-source public project (e.g., a New Relic Infrastructure integration, a piece of developer tooling, or an application) related to New Relic One
  4. Author and publish at least two pieces of content that share knowledge and learnings for the New Relic Explorers Hub or New Relic Developer Docs.
  5. Deliver or organize two conference talks or developer meetups based on an observability platform theme in which the developer community will gain hands-on experience with the New Relic platform and its capabilities

And here’s just a bit of “fine print” for those interested in applying:

  • Potential Champions must be nominated by a colleague—you can’t nominate yourself.
  • Nominees will be vetted by the New Relic Developer Advocacy team, and we’ll create a custom agenda for the Developer Champion that aligns with their professional priorities.
  • Terms of service as a Developer Champion requires a one-year commitment.
  • Re-appointment as a Developer Champion for an additional year is possible for those who meet their performance metrics
  • If a Developer Champion cannot complete their duties, they can nominate a colleague as a replacement, and the replacement champion will receive an updated agenda.

Have someone in mind that you’d like to nominate for the New Relic Developer Champion Program? Check out this page to get started.  

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