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Program Overview

Problem-solving is your business. Observability is ours. When we work together, we can cut through the complexity of modern software to solve our customers’ problems, uncover user experience challenges, and improve business outcomes. Observability can help you grow your business by giving customers the confidence they need to move forward, engaging your company to transform and modernize their software.

By partnering with New Relic, you can:

  • Drive more cloud journey services revenue for cloud migration, modernization, and optimization by using data from New Relic to analyze results
  • De-risk and accelerate your service delivery, demonstrate progress and improvement every step of the way
  • Find issues faster to accelerate engagement and reduce your costs
  • Embrace any and all cloud environments—private, public, multi-cloud, hybrid, and/or cloud native—with New Relic One Full-Stack Observability to easily observe, visualize, and troubleshoot the entire software stack
  • Strengthen your relationship with major cloud players such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) by taking advantage of activities with New Relic, an AWS Advanced Technology Partner
  • Maximize flexibility and speed as you build and deliver solutions based on our open platform and our commitment to open source standards
  • Create industry-specific and custom solutions and services using the openness and programmability of the New Relic One platform—if you can imagine it, you can build it

“The value our clients get from using New Relic is, in a word, digitally-transformative. When properly enabled, the teams we work with regularly experience “tectonic shifts” in their approach to development and operations regardless of workloads running on-prem, in the cloud, or somewhere-in-between. Benefiting more than just IT organizations, we’ve been able to drive consistent and repeatable improvements to our clients’ sales, customer experiences, and operational efficiency which is why New Relic One has become our Observability platform of choice.”

-Jonathan Love, Principal Consultant, Digital Performance Management, Kinect Consulting

Cutting Through Complexity

Create custom applications

Create experiences for your customers that reflect your brand and solve their specific problems using the programmable New Relic One platform.

Find, visualize, and understand everything

See all observability data from all sources, connected in one place, to help you and your customers pinpoint and fix issues faster.

Help customers reduce costs

Show customers how they can consolidate tools and reduce their costs while improving productivity with New Relic One.

A Total Economic Impact™ study conducted by Forrester Consulting in 2019 found labor cost savings from fewer incidents and reduced MTTR (mean time to resolution) produced $6.5 million in present value over three years. 

The same study reports that simply by replacing older, expensive, complicated monitoring tools, a company saved an estimated $4.7 million in license and maintenance costs.

Program Benefits

As a member of the New Relic Partner Network, you gain access to everything you need to be successful:

  • Partner Portal: An easy-to-navigate portal experience and a one-stop platform for all the tools you need to be more productive, grow revenue, develop marketing initiatives, and educate your teams.
  • Enablement: Comprehensive technical and sales enablement curriculum to build and strengthen your team competency and skills, with a combination of self-service, virtual, and/or instructor-led training delivery options.
  • Deal Protection: Secured margins for new, partner-sourced opportunities and deal protection on registered opportunities.
  • Demand Generation: Access to demand generation assets and tools, such as playbooks, digital campaigns, and events-in-a-box, that help you identify and drive opportunities.

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