New Relic Technology Partners

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Program Overview

You’re great at what you do. We’re great at observability. But we’re even better when we work together. Making mutual customers happy by integrating our software can solve their problems, increase the value of both solutions, and help both companies sustain and grow revenue. It’s a win-win-win. 

By partnering with New Relic, your business can:

  • Expand your account footprint by solving more problems and fulfilling more use cases for your customers
  • Increase the value of your offering in the eyes of your customers, growing their loyalty and likelihood of renewing
  • Grow revenue by attracting new customers with your integration with the largest, most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform
  • Gain credibility and grow awareness outside of your existing customer base  
  • Align your offering with an established observability player to position your company to take advantage of a growing market
  • Get started easily with a featured integration in New Relic I/O (Instant Observability)
We firmly believe that there's a better together story that can be told. And the number one objective is to first and foremost, make our mutual customers happier.

Extend Your Solution in the New Relic I/O Ecosystem

Solve customer problems

Integrate your offerings with New Relic and take advantage of the New Relic Partner Network to boost the value of your solution for your customers. Extend your solution into the New Relic ecosystem and reach hundreds of thousands of new users who need accessible observability solutions.

Make it easier for developers to use your product

Add your integration to New Relic I/O to help users get started faster. Quickstarts bundle integration guides and pre-built observability tools such as dashboards and alerts that give developers and engineers the best practices they need when using your solution.

  • Minimize friction to new accounts with an easy install process
  • Get boosted visibility as a featured partner contributor
  • Tap into the leading observability platform’s user base

Find new customers

Access our extensive global customer base of more than 15,400 companies to help you expand the reach for your solution.

  • More than 50% of the Fortune 100 trust New Relic to make the world’s software run
  • Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice for APM Suites
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technology Partner (Migration, Containers, DevOps, Government, Mobile, and Retail Competencies)
  • FedRamp certified
  • Silver Member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF)
  • Silver sponsor for AdoptOpenJDK

Program Benefits

As a member of the New Relic Partner Network, you gain access to the tools, education and information you need to be successful:

  • Partner Portal: An easy-to-navigate portal experience and a one-stop platform for all the tools you may need to be more productive, grow revenue, develop marketing initiatives, and educate your teams
  • Demand Generation: Access to demand generation assets and tools, such as playbooks and campaign-in-a-box programs, that can help you identify and drive opportunities
  • Enablement: Comprehensive technical and sales enablement you can build and strengthen your team competency and skills, with a combination of self-service, virtual, and/or instructor-led training delivery options


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