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How to Consolidate Tools for Better Observability

Modernize your approach to monitoring and move faster.

How many tools is your company using to monitor their stack? Most companies end up with dozens of tools spread out across distributed teams and technologies.

This tool sprawl is created by a combination of time, compromise, and a piecemeal approach. And it creates a host of problems that slow down your MTTD and MTTR.

The white paper How to Consolidate Tools for Better Observability gives you a 3-phase consolidation roadmap:

  • Phase 1: Plan to gain a clear understanding of your tools and build an overview of your objectives.

  • Phase 2: Prepare to build use cases, outline approaches, and create migration timelines.

  • Phase 3: Execute to roll out the platform, train you teams, and craft documentation.

Find out how to improve observability and lower your MTTR so you can move faster.


Download the White Paper