2021 Observability Forecast

The industry’s most comprehensive research on observability

Dive into the industry’s most comprehensive research on observability. Uncover the perspectives, insights, and best practices of software engineers, developers, and IT leaders, along with five key insights to cross the chasm to achieve modern observability.

Find out why observability really matters

91% of IT decision makers see observability as critical at every stage of the software lifecycle, citing the biggest benefits to planning and operations. Discover all of the benefits of observability in the 2021 Observability Forecast.

 Observability’s business impact chart

Observability is mission critical, but most organizations fall short

The global survey revealed a gap between the mission-critical importance of full-stack observability and the maturity of their observability practices, uncovering five key insights to cross the chasm to achieve modern observability.

The importance of observability at each stage of software lifecycle graphic chart

Massive opportunity to expand and mature end-to-end observability practices remain

Survey respondents confirmed that outages are on the rise, and that monitoring is fragmented. 72% noted having to toggle between at least two and 13% between ten different tools to monitor the health of their systems. 23% said they can’t gain end-to-end observability. Find out why and how to solve it.

Number of systems to gain end-to-end observability graphic chart