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Get a more complete picture of your data

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New Relic’s unified database (NRDB) gives you a complete view of your technology stack, enabling you to identify, understand, and resolve the issues that impact your business.

NRDB takes your queries directly to the data for a lightning-fast median response time of 60 ms with the ability to analyze over 50 billion events in a single query. Learn how NRDB can give you a leg up on your competition.

NRDB: The world’s most powerful telemetry database


Don’t just analyze, take action

To succeed in business today, you need to systematically operationalize the data that drives your business and use that information to accelerate your development processes and decision-making. With New Relic Insights, you can define what your organization collectively cares about, track those things in a consistent way, and act on what you see in real time.

  • When a new team or service spins up, you can generate a dashboard with data and KPIs that are specific and relevant to that group.
  • Narrow focus or broad overview: Display metrics that matter most to your team and, when something goes wrong, you can save time searching for answers because you’ll have a full picture of the issue. 


Ask questions and find answers

New Relic Insights gives you both a broad view of your data as well as the ability to drill deep down with increased granularity. You can ask questions, get answers, and continue iterating as you uncover more detail. 

  • Do a broad search to see how many users you have—or fine-tune your search and see how many users you have, using Chrome, version 63, in Germany.
  • Pivot from one focus to the next quickly and easily: Start with a NRQL query, change it, run it, and change it again. 
  • The autocomplete feature shows you what’s available, and guides you while building/structuring your query.


Understand what your data is saying (and share your own story)

Data is only as good as the story it tells. With New Relic Insights you can reveal the truths in your data and frame the information with the right context. 

  • Build a data app for a specific team or person, or generate a dashboard and put it up on a tv screen. 
  • Line charts, bar charts, area charts, pie charts, histograms, funnels, and cohorts are just some of our ready-made visualizations.


Extend the reach of your data

New Relic Insights is connected to every product in the New Relic platform which means you can stream and track data from APM, Browser, Mobile, Infrastructure and Synthetics for deeper analysis, segmentation, and filtering within Insights.

New Relic Insights screen capture showing data and charts logo Constant Contact logo FlightStats logo

“Whether I want to look at site speed, purchase success rates, or any other metric we’ve deemed important, I can look at a(n Insights) dashboard that shows me day-by-day or hour-by-hour if performance is improving or degrading. This is hugely helpful. ”

Garett Vargas, CTO,

“It started with one business dashboard in New Relic Insights that shows transactions for a new product offering. But now we’re getting requests for other custom dashboards that show usage, transactions, button clicks, and other metrics that help stakeholders measure success and track KPIs that are important for the business.”

Adam Gelinas, Advisory Software Engineer, Constant Contact

“There’s less friction now that we have New Relic. It has allowed us to have a common language across the company, whether we’re talking to a developer, an IT engineer, or someone in marketing, sales, or management.”

Alex Witherspoon, Software Engineer, FlightStats

Find the answers you seek

Empower your decision-making, plan better, and get a more complete picture of your data with New Relic Insights.

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