Mercado Libre Standardizes on New Relic for All of its 13,700 Engineering and Product Team Members

Latin America’s largest e-commerce and payments company ensures high uptime and reliability across  140 million users in 18 countries by using New Relic for end-to-end observability

April 11, 2023

New Relic (NYSE: NEWR), the all-in-one observability platform for every engineer, announced that Mercado Libre, the largest e-commerce and payments company in Latin America, is standardizing on OpenTelemetry and New Relic to advance its observability strategy. By using New Relic, Mercado Libre can ensure all of its more than 13,700 engineering and product team members have access to the same high-quality observability capabilities and best practices. Mercado Libre can monitor its infrastructure and applications in real-time, and proactively identify and mitigate issues in its stack before customers are impacted.


Mercado Libre is at the forefront of innovation in e-commerce with its platform that democratizes the buying and selling of goods for millions of people across Latin America. The engineering team supports up to 700 million requests per minute, and manages 10,000 deployments per day—half of these in the production environment. Mercado Libre relies on New Relic to manage their operations at scale by collecting, searching, visualizing, and alerting based on telemetry data like metrics, events, and traces. Mercado Libre is expanding its observability strategy and leaning into OpenTelemetry, with special attention to distributed tracing to gain a deeper understanding of how its stack is working.


“It’s critical for us to deliver a great digital experience to our users, and our engineering teams are tasked with maintaining a complex and ever-changing system,” said Mercado Libre Senior Engineering Manager Juan Martin Pi. “New Relic helps us to consolidate our ecosystem, maintain the uptime and reliability of our system, and detect, predict, and resolve any issues as quickly as possible. The depth of the platform, combined with OpenTelemetry, unlocks deeper insights into running our stack even more efficiently.” 


With New Relic, Mercado Libre has access to more than 30 monitoring capabilities—like distributed tracing, errors inbox, and anomaly detection—that enable the company to streamline its monitoring and troubleshooting process and improve the overall performance and stability of its platform. Implementations and benefits include: 


  • Reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR): By deploying distributed tracing, service maps, external services, errors inbox, and anomaly detection, Mercado Libre can gain visibility into patterns and workflows across the entire incident lifecycle. 
  • Reducing major incidents: Leveraging multiple tools in the New Relic platform, Mercado Libre can reduce major incidents. 
  • Improving applications performance: Using New Relic insights, the engineering team has the power to query across all applications to quickly identify which issues affected conversion rates.
  • Improving agility: The engineering team can easily monitor a decentralized ecosystem running on thousands of servers and web applications in every phase from concept to post-release.
  • Optimizing application telemetry data and improving developer productivity: Using OpenTelemetry, the Mercado Libre team created a single collection agent that supports all types of telemetry data as they instrument applications. 
  • Easing transition from APM to OpenTelemetry: The engineering team can  seamlessly transition from APM to OpenTelemetry without interrupting productivity. 


New Relic helps companies like Mercado Libre make observability a daily practice across the entire software lifecycle. With the New Relic all-in-one observability platform, every engineer regardless of their role— backend, web, mobile, infrastructure ops, network, SRE, DevOps—can see relevant data and analysis for the services they own, and also see dependencies across their tech stack. That's why businesses using New Relic report improvements in uptime and reliability, higher operational efficiency, and better customer experiences that fuel innovation and growth. 


“Observability is mission critical for digital businesses of every size to maintain operational awareness of their software deployed across infrastructures,” said New Relic Chief Product Officer Manav Khurana. “Mercado Libre is a prime example of the benefits businesses can experience when they make observability a daily practice.”


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About Mercado Libre

Founded in 1999, Mercado Libre (NASDAQ: Meli) is the leading e-commerce and digital financial services technology company in Latin America, with a presence in 18 countries. It offers a complete ecosystem of solutions so that individuals and companies can buy, sell, advertise, obtain credit and insurance, collect, send money, save, and pay for goods and services both online and in physical stores. Mercado Libre seeks to democratize commerce and financial services in Latin America, a market which offers great opportunities and high growth potential. It applies world-class technology to design intuitive solutions adapted to the regional culture to transform the lives of millions of people in the region. More information at



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