New Relic Delivers Industry’s First Observability Platform that is Open, Connected and Programmable, Enabling Companies to Create More Perfect Software

New programmability features empower customers to quickly and easily build entirely new applications to drive their business growth

New York -- FutureStack - September 19, 2019

New Relic, Inc. (NYSE: NEWR), the industry’s largest and most comprehensive cloud-based Observability Platform built to help customers create more perfect software, today kicked off its annual FutureStack conference in New York City, where CEO and Founder Lew Cirne will showcase the world’s first Observability Platform. The company announced advanced platform capabilities, including New Relic Logs, New Relic Traces, New Relic Metrics, and New Relic AI to empower teams with the data they need to move faster and build better digital experiences. In an industry-first, the company today unveiled programmability on the New Relic One Platform, which gives all customers and partners the ability to build entirely new applications on top of New Relic One, enabling them to integrate their best of breed business data and create seamless workflows on the platform to drive real-time actionable insights.

"New Relic One is now the world’s first observability platform that is open, enabling customers to bring in agent-based and open telemetry data so they have no blind spots; connected, allowing customers to see relationships between their systems so they can act more quickly and effectively; and programmable, empowering customers to build entirely new applications on top of New Relic to fuel their business. It’s not a platform unless you can build apps on it," said Cirne. “I’m so inspired by the creativity and ingenuity I’ve seen from our early-access customers and partners building observability apps on New Relic One. I can’t wait to see what our developer community will unleash for our global customers."

New Relic One was built in response to the needs of companies who are leveraging the power of modern software technologies, including cloud technology and containerization, to quickly build, scale and operate business-critical applications. They require a single observability platform for all their critical data with applied intelligence and automation technologies that can seamlessly fit into their unique business processes so they can optimize their software and deliver better customer experiences.

The New Relic One Observability Platform is Open, Connected and Programmable

New Relic announced several new innovations across the platform, making New Relic One the first observability platform that is open, connected and programmable.

Programmable: Empowering customers and partners to quickly and easily build new applications on New Relic One 

  • New Relic One is the only platform that allows New Relic’s developer community and customers to easily build and share applications that connect observability data and business data, unlocking opportunities for companies to deliver better digital customer experiences.
  • New Relic One makes it easy for developers to go from “idea to application” very quickly. Developers only need to know React.js and GraphQL, two popular Internet languages, to begin coding, and applications can be created in minutes.
  • New Relic One programmability is available now for all customers. To learn more, please visit New Relic’s blog.

“The new programmability features have equipped us to get significantly more value from New Relic, at no additional cost,” said Joshua Biggley, sr. engineer, enterprise monitoring at Cardinal Health. “Our DevOps & SRE teams are now able to create tailored apps, for their specific business needs, that easily fit into our workstream. At an enterprise-scale, programmability has enabled an agility in data for both application and platform teams.”

 Programmable: Open-source applications for the New Relic developer community 

New Relic worked with a select group of customers and partners to jointly develop an initial set of New Relic One applications. These apps are freely available for New Relic’s developer community to download on Github under an apache license.

 Initial New Relic One apps include:

  • Cloud Optimize -- Compares size of an organization’s cloud resources to utilization, so companies can save money on their cloud bill.
  • Github Integration -- Teams can immediately see what a service does and who's been working on it, so they can troubleshoot faster.
  • Site Analyzer -- Forecasts website performance and how improved KPIs, such as traffic and average load times, can drive better customer experiences.
  • Status Page -- Consolidates status pages into a single dashboard, so teams have one place to check on all their key dependencies and diagnose issues quickly.
  • Customer Journeys -- Tracks customer cohort progress through the funnel, so teams can better understand how customers are moving towards a purchase decision. 

To learn more about the initial New Relic One applications, now available for download, please visit

Open: New Relic Logs: Correlate log, application and infrastructure data in a single platform

  • New Relic announced the availability of New Relic Logs, a new log management capability that allows teams to easily manage log data with application and infrastructure data -- while quickly performing ad hoc searches that return queries instantaneously -- all in a single, highly scalable platform.
  • Without having to switch tools and lose context, teams can more easily detect and resolve issues faster, often before they impact customers. New Relic Logs eliminates the cost and complexity of managing and maintaining multiple on-premise and legacy log management tools in-house.
  • New Relic Logs is now available. To learn more, please visit New Relic’s blog.

Open:  New Relic Traces and New Relic Metrics: New Relic One unifies performance data from any source, whether agent-based or agentless

  • New Relic announced the availability of New Relic Traces and New Relic Metrics, two new products designed to bring more sources of data into the New Relic One Observability Platform. Customers can now easily ingest data from any source -- including Metrics, Events, Logs and Traces -- into the platform.
  • New Relic continues to actively contribute to and support several open source communities such as OpenTelemetry, AdoptOpenJDK and CNCF.
  • New Relic Traces and New Relic Metrics are now available. To learn more, please visit New Relic’s blog.

Connected:  New Relic AI: a comprehensive AIOps and smarter incident response suite

  • New Relic introduced New Relic AI, a new intelligent AIOps solution for busy DevOps, SRE and on-call teams that helps them find, troubleshoot, and resolve problems faster. New Relic AI automatically correlates, aggregates and prioritizes incident data, eliminating noise and dramatically cutting MTTR. Initial customers have reported that they have seen a 80+% reduction of alerting noise.
  • New Relic AI deeply integrates with customers’ PagerDuty accounts, and delivers critical proactive insights to customers’ Slack channels directly, including intelligent incident context and automatic anomaly detection. Customers have access to critical business information about their production system at their fingertips, all without modifying existing on-call workflows.
  • To learn more about New Relic AI, now in beta, please visit New Relic’s blog.

About FutureStack

Now, in its 7th year, FutureStack is New Relic’s flagship customer event, bringing together software engineers from the world’s most important digital businesses to share how to build and run software successfully at scale. A wide-variety of customers and partners will join New Relic speakers onstage, including: Amazon Web Services, Cardinal Health, Cox Automotive, GE Digital, Genesys PureCloud and McGraw Hill. FutureStack New York will be followed by flagship events in Sydney on October 9, Melbourne on October 11, and London on October 16. 

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