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Wednesday 9 October 2019 | Hyatt Regency | 161 Sussex Street

Creating more perfect software together

Join New Relic CEO and Founder Lew Cirne at FutureStack19 in Sydney on Wednesday 9 October for an intensive and informative day created for modern technology professionals. Learn how your peers are navigating technology shifts and thriving in a software-driven, cloud-native world.

You’ll hear from technical experts, customers and leaders, and gain practical and deeply technical insights on the trends and topics you care about most, to help you answer questions such as:

  • How to accelerate your shift to cloud-native and reimagine the way your applications are delivered, run and monitored
  • How to scale DevOps practices beyond individual teams and build a culture of measurement and continuous improvement
  • How to develop a unified, entity-centric view of your applications, services, and systems, and understand their relationships and dependencies
  • What's new and what's next in observability for the modern world - from Kubernetes and serverless technologies to AIOps
  • Tips and tricks on how to make the most out of New Relic, in order to provide a greater end digital customer experience



Optional Full-Day Developer Training Workshop

9:00am - 12:00pm

Using SLIs and Bringing your Observability to the Left

The morning of the workshop will educate you on SLIs, making your observability more relevant to your business. We'll share proven patterns and playbooks we use internally at New Relic on what commitments we make our customers and how, the tools we use for meeting our business commitment, simple recipes for SLAs, SLIs, and SLOs, plus how to be programmatic with our SLIs.

1:00pm - 5:00pm

FutureHack: Intro to Programmable Platform Labs

The afternoon of the workshop will give you an introduction to “the art of the possible” with New Relic One. We'll show you ways to prove the value of your software to your business, how you connect your SLIs to business KPIs and teach you the basics of React. With example applications built on the New Relic programmable platform, based on real-world use cases, you'll learn how easy it is to get up and running with your first application and get hands-on support in building out more advanced visualizations using the same tools New Relic engineers use in building curated products.

Speaker: Jemiah Suis, Senior Product Manager & Developer Advocate, New Relic


FutureStack Conference


Registration, Breakfast, Demo Hubs and Hacker Lounge


Keynote: Creating More Perfect Software, Together

New Relic CEO and Founder Lew Cirne will discuss how organizations can harness modern software as a strategic asset to gain competitive advantage and drive top-line growth. Cirne and guests will demonstrate how New Relic’s latest innovations empower teams to find, visualize, and understand everything they need to deliver more perfect software.


Lew Cirne, CEO & Founder, New Relic

Julian Guica, Product GM Logging & Principal Software Engineer, New Relic

Greg Taylor, Group VP Asia Pacific, New Relic


Driving Digital Customer Experience

Speaker: Chris Fechner, Chief Digital and Product Officer, Service NSW


Morning Tea, Demo Hubs and Hacker Lounge


The Digital Future of Insurance

Speaker: Ian Jamieson, Director, Digital Architecture, IAG


Accelerating and Optimising your Cloud Journey


Sean Hooper, Transformation Architect, Amazon Web Services

Max Bausher, Solutions Architect, New Relic


Fireside Q&A: Learnings in Scaling Software and Teams at Hyperspeed

Speaker: Sohail Siddiqui, CTO, Afterpay Touch


Fireside Q&A: From Legacy Systems to Leading Edge Technologies

Speaker: Nayla Donati, Release Lead - Chapter Lead, ANZ Bank


Lunch, Demo Hubs & Hacker Lounge


Track 1 - Observability

Moving to Entity-Centric Observability with New Relic One

As modern software teams move to loosely-coupled applications and microservices architectures, it’s more important than ever to get a unified picture of the entities that make up your estate, from applications to clusters, services, and hosts. This talk will show you how New Relic One gives you an entity-centric view into all of your software so you can cut through complexity, provide context, and see across artificial organizational boundaries to quickly find and fix problems.

Speaker: Nadya Duke Boone, VP Product & GM Application Monitoring, New Relic


Track 2 - Modernisation

Monitoring Lambda and Serverless Applications


Adrian De Luca, Head of Solution Architecture, Amazon Web Services

Jill Macmurchy, Technical Director Asia Pacific, New Relic


Track 1 - Observability

Australia Post's Journey to Modern Architecture and Observability

Speaker: Andrew Nette, Head of Platform Engineering, Australia Post


Track 2 - Modernisation

Multidimensional Kubernetes Monitoring with New Relic

Performance monitoring in a cloud native world is very different from monitoring a traditional environment. During this interactive session, we will show how teams can use New Relic to observe performance and dependencies in their Kubernetes environment, and troubleshoot failures, bottlenecks, and other abnormal behavior—helping ensure that their applications are always available, running fast, and doing what they’re supposed to do.

Speaker: Nik Jain, Senior Solutions Architect, New Relic


Track 1 - Observability

Generating Context From Your Log Data

Modern cloud infrastructure, applications, and web services require deep traceability and insights throughout the stack to troubleshoot and resolve issues faster and provide a superior customer experience. In this modern, digitally-driven economy, developers and DevOps teams don’t have the luxury to spend the time to manually piece together information to analyze data and find the root cause from disparate telemetry sources. In this talk, see how you can bridge the visibility gap between your metrics, events and log data, gain deeper insights to identify performance bottlenecks and troubleshoot production issues, and reduce MTTR. 

Speaker: Spence Taylor, Fullstack Engineer, New Relic


Track 2 - Modernisation

Our Journey to Serverless Adoption

Speaker: Hesky Ji, Engineering Manager, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)


Afternoon Tea, Demo Hubs & Hacker Lounge


Track 1 - Observability

Move Fast and Break Things...But Only Within Your Error Budget

Speaker: Matthew Tapper, Lead Engineer, Culture Amp


Track 2 - Modernisation

Origin’s Digital Journey: Pushing the Speed Limits on the Road to Success

Speaker: Evgueni Iakhontov, Head of Digital IT, Origin


Track 1 - Observability

Introducing the New Relic One Programmable Platform

New Relic One is the only entity-centric observability platform that empowers DevOps professionals to see across organizational boundaries, quickly understand the context of what’s happening and cut through the complexity of their environment to deliver more perfect software. This session will give a high-level overview of New Relic One introducing features including Dashboards and Chart Builder, and will share practical examples and advice to make it easier to adopt New Relic One.


Mark Weitzel, GM New Relic One, New Relic

Mia Isaacson, Product Manager, New Relic


Track 2 - Modernisation

How we Got Our Deployments Soaring

Speaker: Kiel Frost, Ecommerce Technology Manager, Flight Centre Travel Group


Track 1 - Observability

The 7 Step Strategy to Effective SLO's

Service Level Objectives have been touted as the cornerstone of a mature reliability engineering practice. However, most of the theory and literature on the topic focuses on calculating SLIs and SLOs from a given stream of metrics. Karthik's experience is that the calculation part of the process is the least difficult step. Defining a concrete strategy around what happens before and after this step is far more important. In this talk Karthik will discuss the seven step strategy that Xero are putting in place for their engineering teams to drive improvement. He'll also talk about the importance of taking a multi-faceted approach to measuring availability and how Xero have used the suite of New Relic tools to help them with this.

Speaker: Karthik Nilakant, Product Manager (SRE), Xero


Track 2 - Modernisation

Getting to Sub-Second Incident Response with AIOps

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the way operations teams work. In this talk, we’ll explore the incident management practices that can get you toward zero downtime, and talk about how New Relic can help you along that path.

Speaker: Dor Sasson, Senior Product Manager AIOps, New Relic


eSports After Party & Networking Drinks


Photo of Lew Cirne Lew Cirne CEO & Founder New Relic
Photo of Chris Fechner Chris Fechner Chief Digital and Product Officer Service NSW
Photo of Ian Jamieson Ian Jamieson Director, Digital Architecture IAG
Photo of Sean Hooper Sean Hooper Transformation Architect Amazon Web Services
Photo of Max Bausher Max Bausher Solutions Architect New Relic
Photo of Sohail Siddiqui Sohail Siddiqui CTO Afterpay Touch
Photo of Nayla Donati Nayla Donati Release Lead - Chapter Lead ANZ Bank
Photo of Adrian De Luca Adrian De Luca Head of Solution Architecture Amazon Web Services
Photo of Andrew Nette Andrew Nette Head of Platform Engineering Australia Post
Photo of Hesky Ji Hesky Ji Engineering Manager Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)
Photo of Matthew Tapper Matthew Tapper Lead Engineer Culture Amp
Photo of Evgueni Iakhontov Evgueni Iakhontov Head of Digital IT Origin
Photo of Kiel Frost Kiel Frost Ecommerce Technology Manager Flight Centre Travel Group
Photo of Karthik Nilakant Karthik Nilakant Product Manager (SRE) Xero
Photo of Jill Macmurchy Jill Macmurchy Technical Director, APAC New Relic
Photo of Nadya Duke Boone Nadya Duke Boone VP Product & GM Application Monitoring New Relic
Photo of Nik Jain Nik Jain Senior Solutions Architect New Relic
Photo of Julian Guica Julian Guica Product GM Logging and Principal Software Engineer New Relic
Photo of Mark Weitzel Mark Weitzel GM New Relic One New Relic
Photo of Dor Sasson Dor Sasson Senior Product Manager AIOps New Relic
Photo of Mia Isaacson Mia Isaacson Product Manager New Relic
Photo of Jemiah Suis Jemiah Suis Senior Product Manager New Relic
Photo of Greg Taylor Greg Taylor Group Vice President, JPAC New Relic
Photo of Spence Taylor Spence Taylor Fullstack Engineer New Relic

An intensive and informative day for modern technology professionals.


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