Instrument and monitor your NuxtJS build apps with New Relic’s Vue browser monitoring agent. Analyze performance data right out of the box.

What's included?

NuxtJS quickstart contains 1 dashboard. These interactive visualizations let you easily explore your data, understand context, and resolve problems faster.
NuxtJS observability quickstart contains 3 alerts. These alerts detect changes in key performance metrics. Integrate these alerts with your favorite tools (like Slack, PagerDuty, etc.) and New Relic will let you know when something needs your attention.
Application Error Rate
This alert is triggered when the Application Error Rate are higher than 5 for 5 minutes.
Error Response
This alert is triggered when the client and server error response is higher than 10 for 5 minutes.
Page Load Time
This alert is triggered when the page load time is higher than 5 seconds for 5 minutes.
NuxtJS observability quickstart contains 1 documentation reference. This is how you'll get your data into New Relic.

Comprehensive monitoring quickstart for NuxtJS

Transform your Vue.js development experience with NuxtJS monitoring - a powerful framework that revolutionizes the way you build server-rendered applications. Say goodbye to cumbersome data management, messy middleware, and frustrating routing with our effortless quickstart dashboards - empowering you to unleash your full potential with ease.

Why monitor NuxtJS?

Identify data binding errors

Incorrect data bindings or missing data bindings can cause issues with the application's behavior. Catch them before your users do.

Track quickly when a component isn’t rendering

If a component is not properly defined or missing, it won't render in the application. This can cause bugs in your application.

Get alerted about incorrect lifecycle hook orders

If the lifecycle hooks are not properly ordered, it can cause issues with the component's behavior. Get alerted to order issues quickly and efficiently.

Quickly identify network errors

Network errors, such as CORS or API errors, can cause issues in fetching and rendering data. Don’t get caught up with extra network time, with immediate alerts you won’t miss a beat.

Unlock the power of real-time monitoring with New Relic’s Nuxt.js quickstart

Stay ahead of poor user experience with our monitoring dashboard- providing instant insight into challenges and enabling a rapid resolution.

What’s included in this quickstart?

New Relic's NuxtJS monitoring quickstart boasts instant full-stack observability out-of-the-box:

  • Easy to use performance monitoring dashboards.
  • See all your JavaScript errors tagged by deployment.
  • Get a detailed view of your web application traffic, including page views, load times, sessions, and most popular content.

How to use this quickstart

  • Sign Up for a free New Relic account or Log In to your existing account.
  • Click the install button.
  • Install the quickstart to get started or improve how you monitor your environment. They're filled with pre-built resources like dashboards, instrumentation, and alerts.
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