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Make decisions faster,
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New Relic Insights is a powerful real-time analytics platform that helps you and your team better understand how your software’s performance is impacting your business.

Be a data-driven team.

Building great software requires strong collaboration between development, operations, and product. Insights empowers each team with the information and answers they need to act quickly and uniformly.


What are the average response times and error rates for our enterprise customers?


Use custom attributes such as account ID and product subscription to view error rates and transaction response times.


How can we reduce spend and optimize performance of our CDN strategy?


Use custom attributes such as CDN name and default geographic attributes to correlate performance with CDN usage.


What does front-end performance look like for our most popular features in the U.S.?


Facet page load times of your most commonly used pages by geographic attributes.

Knowledge is power.

Insights collects event data from other New Relic products, enabling you to organize, query, and visualize your data to answer key questions about application performance and customer experience—all in real-time.


Data is collected automatically from New Relic’s products.

Default attributes are added. You can also add your own custom attributes!

Data is queried in real-time using NRQL, our SQL-like query language.

Custom, interactive dashboards can be created and shared with your team.


“With Insights, we can see exactly how our systems are running and determine if there’s a problem worth pursuing. We’ve already realized $300,000 in savings this year and we’re not done yet.”

Alex Witherspoon, VP Platform Engineering, FlightStats, Inc.

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How Quizlet uses New Relic Insights

How Envato uses New Relic Insights

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Getting started is simple.

Because New Relic Insights automatically receives event data and attributes from most New Relic products, it’s easy to start using Insights without further instrumentation.

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