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How to Build a Great Company Culture in 2020

… How to Build a Great Company Culture in 2020 nerd-life By Kristy … Officer, leading all aspects of the company’s strategy for its people and …

4 min read

Kristy Friedrichs

What Is a Modern Software Company?

… What Is a Modern Software Company? nerd-life By Victor Soares Victor … does it mean to be a “modern software company?” Does it mean you’re a … and maintain software. Technology +

4 min read

Victor Soares

Life at New Relic: Our Board Chair’s Journey with Fast Changing Companies

… career, with PeopleSoft acquiring the company. And what I was able to experience in that environment was a company that was going through … Because you can often destroy a culture

13 min read

Debbie O'Brien

What an Anthropologist Brings to a Software Company—The Modern Software Podcast

… an Anthropologist Brings to a Software Company—The Modern Software Podcast … approach can play in a software company. What does an anthropologist … unique number of cultures. There's

14 min read

Fredric Paul

Engineer at a Scale Few Companies Can Match [Video]

… top-notch leadership, and award-winning culture. For New Relic Chief Product … Relic since CEO Lew Cirne founded the company more than 10 years ago, shared his … “We’ve got a really big

4 min read

Madison Clark

Evolving your DevOps practice: A look at the 2021 State of DevOps Puppet report

… the tools of the trade. So where does culture fit into automation? It’s all … and embedding it into workplace culture. For low performers, or companies … So while DevOps isn’t necessari

9 min read

Elyssa Christensen

Q&A with iCIMS: A Unique New Relic Implementation Helps Deliver a Best-in-Class Recruiting…

… companies. At iCIMS , the talent cloud company that empowers employers to … every user interaction, and the company culture itself. We recently spoke …

9 min read

How to Relic

Alexis Jones

Critical DevOps Interview Questions—and How to Answer Them

… to be on the DevOps job market. As the culture and practice of DevOps spreads , … means careful preparation. Study the company and be sure you understand the … example questions online, inc

14 min read

Kevin Casey

Observy McObservface Episode 4: Wrench Fight - Gobython & CNCF Showdown

… Mad Mimi , which was an email marketing company that eventually got acquired by … And you eventually ended up at another company with a very memorable cat logo … . Thank you so much. Have a

34 min read

Jonan Scheffler

Foundations for Change—New Relic’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Journey

… Officer, leading all aspects of the company’s strategy for its people and culture. She is passionate about working … talent. While women and men left the company at similar

8 min read

Kristy Friedrichs

The New Cel-Tech Tiger: How Ireland Emerged as a European Technology Leader

… of American augmented reality (AR) company Daqri , which hosted a hackathon … “Ireland is well positioned to lead.”   Culture Mar 17, 2017 … The New Cel-Tech …

8 min read

David Gaule

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month at New Relic

… a great way to immerse ourselves in a culture. Whether you're invited into … software lifecycle. Fundamental to our company mission is DEI. We aim for a … words, our vision is a more p

3 min read

Daniel Kim

Tracy Williams

Kim Camacho

Tyrone Dobson

Ariane Evans

Observy McObservface Episode 12: Choking Strangers–Humans, Software, and Priorities with…

… value then really take good care of our customers." Well, wait, why isn't that the … and it's going to be not only your customers and the stability of your …

30 min read

Jonan Scheffler

Life at New Relic: Innovation Meets Opportunity

… why he enjoys working at an innovative company that has a startup feel with the resources of a larger company. Rishi Mukhopadhyay New Relic: Is … to New Relic? Rishi: The product and

5 min read

Aileen Renteria

Unlocking the Business-Building Potential of Your Software

… monitoring. For many years, your company’s developers and IT ops people …

7 min read


Ken Gavranovic

Life at New Relic: Partnering with Customers to Solve Their Problems

Life at New Relic: Partnering with Customers to Solve …

4 min read

Aileen Renteria

DevOps for beginners: How to start your journey

… core, gives teams the tools, workplace culture, and organizational methods to … of a successful DevOps venture: culture, automation, and measurement—a … Story of How DevOps Got Its Name D

8 min read

Matthew McKenzie

8 Ways to Reboot Your Software Development Career

… stack and have a high-level view of the company’s infrastructure, making them more … in their career: “Now that every company is a software company, every company despera

7 min read

Kevin Casey

The Three Essentials for Achieving Full-Stack Observability

… whose organization has adopted a DevOps culture, is likely using multiple tools … the end-user experience on her company’s website, e-commerce portal, or … for handling the ingest load on

6 min read

Annette Sheppard

23 DevOps Leaders to Follow Online

… 2016. DevOps refers to the processes, culture, and mindset that combines … and personal anecdotes about DevOps culture, some of which will spice up your … from the lighter side of DevOps

10 min read

Tori Wieldt

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