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20 best practices for Apache Kafka at scale

… 20 best practices for Apache Kafka at scale best-practices By Tony … on the data ingest team at New Relic. Apache Kafka is a widely popular …

10 min read

Tony Mancill

Tracing Kafka with OpenTelemetry

Learn how to implement open source distributed tracing in Kafka with OpenTelemetry and the otelsarama library.

10 min read

Daniel Kim

Best practices and strategies for Kafka topic partitioning

… Best practices and strategies for Kafka topic partitioning best-practices By … puppies. If you’re a recent adopter of Apache Kafka, you’re undoubtedly trying to … In part one of this series— Using

8 min read

Best Practices

Amy Boyle

Monitor Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka with Prometheus OpenMetrics

Use the Prometheus OpenMetrics integration to collect and send Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK) metrics to the New Relic One platform.

4 min read

JF Joly

How Kafka’s consumer auto commit configuration can lead to potential duplication or data…

… How Kafka’s consumer auto commit configuration … critical parts of our pipeline with Apache Kafka . Over the years, we’ve hit plenty …

5 min read

Best Practices

Evan Nelson

Getting started with Kafka Connect for New Relic

… Getting started with Kafka Connect for New Relic how-to-relic … Connect allows you to ingest data from Apache Kafka ® topics into the New Relic … event streaming service based on Apache

6 min read

How to Relic

Rahul Bhattacharya

Monitoring Apache Kafka for cloud cost reduction

Learn key strategies for reducing cloud costs with Apache Kafka through effective monitoring and optimization techniques.

1 min read

Antón Rodríguez

Our Commitment to Reliability and Incident Learning

Over the past week, our engineering teams have engaged in a retrospective process about a July 29 service outage, analyzing what happened, understanding why it happened, and discus

8 min read

Nic Benders

10 New Cloud Integrations for AWS Monitoring with New Relic Infrastructure

Optimize your use of AWS services with these new cloud integrations for the New Relic platform.

9 min read

Matthew Demyttenaere

A Day in the Life of a New Relic SRE

… key parts of our pipeline (for example, Kafka , Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS) … for resources. I also check that our Kafka topics are flowing as expected. We … the final stages of an upgrade of our

7 min read

Yonatan Schultz

Nine Takeaways From Going 'Andon Red'

… is a series of services connected by Apache Kafka queues. Step one, then, was to … we could switch from Kafka Streams to Apache Flink , which led to a working …

6 min read

Best Practices

Matthew Jarvie

Transitioning to the cloud: New Relic's journey to AWS

Wendy Shepperd, GVP of Engineering at New Relic, discusses New Relic's transition to AWS, cell architecture, and the importance of establishing a FinOps practice in this Q&A.

4 min read

Franz Knupfer

Top 10 New Observability Features You Need to Know

… outages quickly. Learn more here . 7. Kafka Connect Unlock open source and … sources by ingesting data from Apache Kafka topics into New Relic One, without …

5 min read

Dayna Lord

Keeping up with Open Source Trends

… data analytics. Some examples include Apache Hadoop , a framework that can be … center or run completely in the cloud; Apache Kafka , which creates high-performance …

5 min read

Manasa Gogineni

What is Prometheus?

What is Prometheus? Learn everything about this open-source monitoring solution, and how it boosts your team's performance with real-time insights and metrics.

5 min read

Franz Knupfer

Four Security Use Cases for New Relic Logs

… services Access logs from NGINX, Apache, AWS load balancers, and similar … such as SQL databases, Redis clusters, Kafka clusters, and virtualization layers …

8 min read

Jim Hagan

Top Tools for Cloud Application Deployment

… include: Docker , Jira , Amazon S3, and Apache Tomcat CircleCI While CircleCI … like PostgreSQL , Elasticsearch , and Apache Kafka . Language support: Any Developer …

8 min read

David Gaule

What is infrastructure monitoring?

Learn why infrastructure monitoring is important to track and measure your application infrastructure, including servers, networks, cloud providers, and Kubernetes.

6 min read

Franz Knupfer

How the Ignite Program Helped Us Become New Relic Software Engineers

… more quickly to the good stuff. Use books and tutorials. We each have our own … to speed on a new skill. Tutorials and books helped us understand how to solve … Build your own projects. Whi

5 min read

Eilen Szeto, Xi Xia, Joshua Jones

20 ways to send data to New Relic One

Learn 20 ways to send data to New Relic One—and ensure you have complete observability of your software systems.

5 min read

Franz Knupfer

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