Building observability into your DevOps practices is a journey. And, any journey is more likely to succeed when you prepare well for it, starting off on the right path. We can help you learn about the New Relic observability platform, how to deploy and use it, and how to build your foundational knowledge. 

Learning paths

So you can level up quickly, we’ve introduced New Relic learning paths. These are sets of modules that are grouped into paths relevant to your role or level. 


We also know that fitting learning around your day-to-day work can be challenging. So our learning paths are made up of modular, bite-sized content. Each module meets clear objectives for the specific course, or a use case of our platform, and you can take them at any time.

Your completed modules are credited towards your completion of a specific learning path.

Observability Foundations learning path

When starting out with new software or platforms, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. We’ve made it easier with dedicated onboarding courses. Our New Relic Observability Foundations learning path is a great starting point for anyone who wants to learn about New Relic and observability.

If you’re interested in what our platform can do and where it fits into modern observability practice, you can access this self-service learning path at your own pace, at any time. The courses are aimed toward all learners, including anyone from technical and non-technical backgrounds. 

The three courses cover observability essentials, the New Relic Platform, and an introduction to monitoring your data.

After completing this learning path, you’ll be able to answer questions like: 

  • What is observability, and how can it help my business?
  • What different types of telemetry are captured and how are they used in the New Relic platform?
  • Where can I access data from my applications and systems in the New Relic?
  • What are the capabilities in New Relic that I can use to improve performance?
New Relic Verified Observability Foundations badge

Observability Practitioner learning path

The Observability Practioner learning path steps outside of the basics and gets you started building and creating.  If you’re a developer who plans to build, design, or implement New Relic and observability practices into your business, this path is for you. 

In the three courses in this path, you’ll install New Relic and learn how to instrument applications with agents to capture telemetry data. You’ll also extend the basic level of instrumentation to capture business and user metrics, create alerts, and use synthetic monitors. Finally, you’ll create custom dashboards and start using NRQL, our custom query language. Throughout this learning path, you’ll learn important industry-wide tools, such as OpenTelemetry, an open source data collection standard, and more.

What if I’ve already taken courses from New Relic? 

The courses in these learning paths are new. While some content may overlap with courses you've already taken on the learning platform, these courses provide a more comprehensive level of understanding. 

Also, when you take these new courses, you'll gain badges that recognize your learning.  Badges are only awarded for completion of the new courses in these learning paths.

Additional Learn site features

Beyond the new learning paths and badges, the New Relic University Learn site includes additional features to help you get started, find courses you’re looking for, and get the most from your learning journey.

  • Check out the Introduction to New Relic University video on the homepage for a tour of what’s offered and how you can benefit.
  • Use the tags feature on the homepage and the all courses page to filter to topics you’re interested in. You can select multiple tags to group related content.
  • Looking to learn more about our system of credentials? See the credentials page.
  • Have questions or want to share some feedback? Check the FAQ page for answers to frequently asked questions, or reach out to the New Relic University team at