At FutureStack 2021, our largest event of the year, we launched a ton of awesome products and features (read the full recap here). On this week’s Nerdlog, we took some time to recap one of the innovations we released at FutureStack: Next-Gen AIOps. 

Making data-driven decisions and delivering intelligent experiences that are guided, proactive, and faster than ever before is hard. That’s why Next-Gen AIOps empowers you to detect, diagnose, and mitigate issues so that you can meet those demands and expectations. 

With Next-Gen AIOps, you can detect anomalies on nearly anything in New Relic in just a few clicks using expanded anomaly detection. Additionally, you can use dynamic baselines that adjust violation thresholds based on behavioral data for intelligent alerting on all your hosts and services. You can also configure alerts in context from a chart or use NRQL queries.  

Visualize entity relationships, assess the scope of an issue, and identify other entities that may be affected using issue maps. Get more detailed information into incident details that make up an issue with incident analysis and understand your team’s behavior with relevant dashboards powered by machine learning.

We know this is a ton of information. To ensure you fully understand how all of this recent innovation works together to help you quickly and intelligently respond to incidents and increase great customer experiences, Nate Heinrich, Principal Product Manager at New Relic, breaks it all down in the latest Nerdlog episode below: