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Nerdlog Roundup: All Your Hosts, Clusters, and Apps in a Single View with New Relic Navigator

2 min read

In the modern microservice world, we all have more hosts, services, and containers running than any person can easily keep track of. In our latest Nerdlog we explore how New Relic Navigator can show you all your hosts, containers, and applications in a single view, without exercising your scroll wheel.

Matthew Demyttenaere, Product Manager on the New Relic Navigator, shares how every user has access to a new high-powered view that gives real insight into your whole stack, all from a single view.


new relic navigator example


If you log into New Relic today, you’ll see a view that looks similar to what you’re used to, with a few noticeable improvements.

Much like the default view of applications or servers, you see the status and key stats in a list. But you’ll notice that it’s not one type of entity that appears here: you get containers, servers, hosts, and applications in a single, collective view.


collective view of entities


The new Navigator view takes this collection of rows and gives you the “traffic light” status for all of your entities at once. When you’re awoken by a page in the middle of the night, it’s so nice to get this quick high level view of what’s going with your service as a whole, and it’s especially useful as teams embrace microservice architecture.

Learn more about the latest New Relic product releases by visiting What’s New in New Relic One or sign up for a free account if you aren’t an existing New Relic One user.