Don’t miss FutureHack at FutureStack, a hackathon where you can win fame, fortune, and fun prizes. All experience levels welcome and no previous experience required.

The past year has been hard—really hard—when it comes to connecting with others, whether for personal or professional development. You might even feel you’re languishing, which the New York Times says “might be the dominant emotion of 2021.” As the world reopens, how can you best collaborate, level up your professional skills, and meet new people? How can you stage your next breakout moment after a year where the world has focused almost entirely on stopping an outbreak?

You can jump into New Relic’s FutureHack (part of FutureStack), a 24-hour virtual hackathon with four different tracks for all different experience levels, including coders, non-coders, seasoned professionals, and students. You’ll get a chance to sharpen your coding skills, learn about New Relic One, and meet other people—including future friends or even the person who will connect you to your next job. Plus you’ll get a chance to win great prizes, too.

FutureStack: Level Up at FutureHack hackathon

Not a coder? No problem. The Low-Code, No-Code track is perfect for business analysts, TechOps, and spreadsheet wizards. Join this hackathon if you want to learn how to leverage New Relic One to gain deeper insights into your data. You’ll get the chance to build out a dashboard and share a walkthrough of what you did, as well as how your dashboard fits your organization’s needs.

If you’re already a New Relic pro, try the Build on New Relic track. You’ll use the New Relic One SDK to build and deploy a custom visualization to a new or existing dashboard. You’ll get the chance to shine by sharing your expertise, including how your custom visualization can provide new insights into your data.

If you’re looking to promote a cause that benefits a community you care about, check out the Hack for Good track, a code-focused hackathon suitable for anyone with coding experience. Choose your cause, choose your technology stack, and deliver your most innovative project—points given for New Relic instrumentation and dashboards.

If you’re a student, try out Error in Prod, a workshop designed by college and high school students from around the world. During the workshop, you’ll become the leading site reliability engineer for NerdMart, a hypothetical company. You’ll get a guided walkthrough of New Relic One, build your own dashboard, and then take part in a scavenger hunt to fix NerdMart’s broken production environment. There will be prizes for the winner of the scavenger hunt as well as for the best dashboards.

Now for the fun print: the prizes!

  • Best Overall Hack: $10,000
  • Best Hack, Low-Code, No-Code: $5,000
  • Best Hack, Build New Relic: $5,000
  • Best Hack, Hack for Good: $5,000
  • Best New Hacker: iPad Pro
  • Most fun application: Nintendo Switch
  • Student Challenge: Apple Watch 3 (two prizes)
  • Student Challenge, Best Dashboard: Nintendo Switch