Join data nerds from across the globe for FutureStack, the observability event of the year, to be held virtually everywhere online from May 25-27. Get ready to connect, learn, get inspired, and rack up experience points as we reinvent the future of software—and have lots of fun doing it.

3 keynotes, 12 hands-on workshops, 50 sessions

This year FutureStack is a free, virtual event. Relics, developers, and industry visionaries will present on topics like containerization, cloud migration, machine learning, serverless apps, and more.

Choose from four different learning tracks to find new ways to empower your DevOps teams. Whether you have a particular focus or want to start with the basics, we’ve got you covered with:

  • Extending New Relic One—to connect technology to business performance
  • Getting Data In—to instrument everything and send data to the Telemetry Data Platform
  • AI/ML-Powered Observability—to wrangle complexity with AIOps
  • Modern Architectures—from containers to serverless apps

We’ll also be introducing surprise guest speakers, from tech leaders to cultural influencers who are changing the world—and who will rock yours.

Get in the game with memorable SideStack experiences

Forget death-by-slide presentations. FutureStack includes hands-on activities with fun ways to play all day, and keep the action going 24x7.

Networking: Our MeetingPlay event platform makes it easy to drop into birds-of-a-feather networking rooms, to meet fellow nerds to share your business challenges and ideas

based on topics that matter to you.

FutureHack: Our 24-hour hackathon is your opportunity to create your most kick-ass project to win accolades and prizes. Relics and engineers will be there to help you attack your hack in three categories.

  • Go No-Code, for non-engineers
  • Build on New Relic, for skilled data nerds ready to expand the ecosystem
  • Hack for Good, to build whatever you want—and help give back to the community

Nerd Island: Drop in and party with The Relicans as they play Minecraft, live stream, write code together, and welcome special guests Kelsey Hightower and Andy Baio.

Relax and Mingle Activities: Chill out with daily yoga sessions or check out our FutureStack DJ at special data nerd meet-up events—let the fun begin.

Swag Stack: Sign in to our MeetingPlay platform to log your experience points as you join us for FutureStack sessions, activities, and networking. Keep track of your points on our

leaderboard for bragging rights. Then cash in your points for sweet swag and prizes.

One worldwide event

FutureStack is chock full of learning opportunities, entertainment, and a bit of gaming, too. The best part? You can attend from anywhere and take a break anytime. Whether you want to start your day hearing from industry leaders at a keynote, then join a workshop in the afternoon, or go for it at the FutureHack, FutureStack is all about you. Developer, engineer, data nerd, visionary, and champion—we’re thrilled to share this amazing event with you.

Register now for FutureStack.