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The imperative to change customer relationships and markets with technology has never been more intense. New Relic gives everyone invested in making your applications the data and diagnostics they need to drive successful digital initiatives with maximum insight and minimum drama.

The digital transformation challenge.

Modern software applications and cloud services enable developers to go from a description of a customer experience to prototype in days. The “Dotcoms” or digital native businesses exploit this speed by attacking established markets with new customer experiences. Established brands, however, have an opportunity to use the same technologies to build upon existing assets and relationships to stay in the lead.

Technology investment can be viewed as a cost center and as competitive weaponry. Investment alone, however, is rarely an indicator of success. Success in digital initiatives comes from how quickly a company can change based on feedback loops. Today, those feedback loops require digital business managers, software development, and IT operations to shift cultures from finger pointing blame to data driven accountability. Instead of perfection, the ability to experiment, measure, and change is the hallmark of great software teams.

New Relic is built for today...and tomorrow.

New Relic was built to help teams build and operate modern software. With beautiful charts, analytics tools, and smarts to surface key data, we make it easy for everyone on the team to track and investigate the metrics they need to be successful. Our SaaS platform approach means you can stay focused and lean while we run the secure data infrastructure.

Effective teams use New Relic to:

  • Track customer engagement and customer experience metrics.
  • Keep everyone accountable with dashboards and tools that show the impact of change.
  • Collaborate using advanced alerting, shared events and integrations with your existing communication channels.
  • Pro-actively pinpoint root cause production problems anywhere in the stack.
  • Trace problems down to the line of code.
  • Monitor across mobile devices, browsers, applications, and infrastructure.

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