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Monitoring your Docker containers and microservices with New Relic

Monitoring your Docker containers and microservices with New Relic



Dynamic services such as AWS EC2 and Docker bring the power of flexibility, agility, and scale to your applications and microservices—and create unique challenges for management and performance. It is increasingly important to integrate monitoring as a part of every new app and infrastructure deployment. New Relic lets you do just that.

As a SaaS-based monitoring platform, New Relic seamlessly monitors applications in the context of the infrastructure they are deployed on, including containers. And changes the way organizations need to approach metrics/events collection, monitoring, and alerting.

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In this technical webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Monitor your container performance metrics and distribution with the New Relic Infrastructure agent

  • Alert on application cluster health based on container image attributes

  • Leverage the combined power of New Relic APM and New Relic Infrastructure to gain even deeper insight into the current state of your distributed applications

  • Vastly improve your visibility by integrating New Relic APM with the critical open source tooling you rely on in your environment

  • Use map features in New Relic to get a high-level view of your microservice architecture and identify the potential impact of problem areas

  • View details on errors and individual microservice performance regardless of implementation language with APM agents