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Network Observability

Guessing if it’s the network causing an outage leads to a longer MTTR—and less sleep for network engineers. New Relic and Kentik together will give you network observability in New Relic One, with complete application and infrastructure context so you can stop guessing.

Connect network data to apps and infrastructure

Ditch data silos to get a system-wide view of every change in all your signals—including network, app, infrastructure, and user transactions. New Relic One provides one place where you can get essential context to find and fix issues quickly.

Understand if the network is implicated in an issue

For teams that use Kentik, pulling network context into New Relic One makes understanding the root cause of an issue easier. When an on-call engineer spots an issue that looks like it might be the network, they can provide better context when they wake up their on-call network engineer. When it’s not the network, they can let their team members sleep. 

All the power of the platform, automatically

All of the network flow and SNMP data from Kentik gets the full power of the New Relic One platform, right out of the box. Network entities like switches or VPC networks are defined, and connected by tags in New Relic Navigator. Alerts and dashboards can be configured to find issues fast. And custom visualizations provide views designed for network telemetry. 

AI provided with no configuration

Intelligence is applied to all the network data sent to the Telemetry Data Platform, with no configuration. New Relic One automatically identifies anomalies, and surfaces them in New Relic Lookout.

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