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Docker monitoring for better app performance

New Relic gives you 360° visibility for your apps, your server infrastructure, and your Dockerized containers—all in one place.

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Did you know New Relic speaks “whale”?

Translation: Instant performance metrics for containerized applications across your entire environment.

  • Monitor the gap between your application and server performance.
    Drill into data from your containerized application to the containers per server.
  • Identify and investigate hot-running servers.
    Maintain uptime with a server-side view of containers, grouped by application.
  • Improve business results with better insights.
    See the total cost of your Dockerized applications on a given server by rolling up to the image level.
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Getting started with Docker container monitoring is easy

  1. 1. Sign up for New Relic APM
    Get up and running in minutes, for free. Create your account now.
  2. 2. Deploy the New Relic agent
    For step-by-step guidance, check out our getting started guide.
  3. 3. Enable New Relic Infrastructure for Docker
    Peruse the details for installation and configuration. Enjoy your wealth of Docker data!

Docker helps us every day at New Relic

It’s an integral tool for our developers, sysadmins, QA teams, and release engineers. Docker containers helped us scale from a single monolithic application to a modern service architecture.

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