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Complete visibility across your infrastructure.

New Relic Infrastructure gives you a precise picture of your dynamically changing systems, so you can scale rapidly and deploy intelligently.

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Move fast, with confidence.

Real-time health metrics for all your systems

Live-state Event Feed and a complete change history across all your hosts

Slice-and-dice by AWS tags, custom attributes, and metadata

Flexible alerting for all your dynamic resources

Troubleshooting with New Relic Infrastructure


Increase your Mean Time Between Loss of Sleep

MTTD? MTTR? What really matters is longer periods of worrying less. New Relic Infrastructure makes it easy to quickly find and put out fires before they begin.

Key host health metrics (CPU, Memory, Disk, Network), refreshed every five seconds

A real-time feed of all changes as they happen across all your hosts

Disk resource utilization and time to full metrics at-a-glance

Docker support, including the ability to track container performance by image, version, and other labels

A search engine that makes it easy to find vulnerable packages — or anything else — in seconds


End-to-end infrastructure insights for AWS.

Optimize your cloud infrastructure performance and efficiency to deliver the best customer experience for your AWS spend.

  • Native support for AWS tags and metadata
  • Slice and dice hosts by any key AWS attribute—role, tier, AZ, datacenter, or any custom EC2 tag
  • Get alerts that auto-scale along with your instances
  • Automatic clean-up for inactive hosts, so you’ll see only data from active instances
Zero config required.

Just drop an agent on each host or instance and you’ll be up and running.

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