New Relic One offers a consistent, powerful, and flexible query language NRQL which enables you to query and analyze all of your collected data, and build custom charts and visualisations.  These charts can be combined to create powerful dashboards to help you correlate and understand your systems, troubleshoot more efficiently, or correlate performance metrics with business KPIs.

Using tools like the Data Explorer or Query Builder Basic Mode, you can quickly and easily create charts and dashboards without any knowledge of NRQL.  Working directly with NRQL you can go further and create a wider range of charts and visualizations to suit your requirements.  

In this hands-on session, you’ll get to explore the data being collected, start building custom charts, and create data-rich dashboards.  You’ll also learn about some of the powerful features of dashboards that enable you to link, filter, and share them for more powerful troubleshooting and data correlation. 

Course Agenda:

  • Introduction to charts and dashboards
  • Introduction to Event Data and NRQL
  • Data Explorer: Create charts without writing NRQL
    • Lab: Explore your data: event, plot, dimensions
    • Lab: Create performance charts
  • Query Builder: NRQL and query components
  • Group and Filter your data
    • Lab: Starting queries
    • Lab: Create user-based charts
  • Aggregate your data: Answering specific questions
    • Lab: Create specific performance charts
  • Time spans, timeseries, and comparing data
  • Get more context with multi-function & multi-facet
  • Interactive dashboards
  • More advanced queries
  • More event types
    • Lab: Build a dashboard
    • More resources & next steps