In this fun and interactive workshop you’ll get hands-on with a working Kubernetes environment, learn about managing and configuring integrations from sources like Prometheus and Fluent Bit, and troubleshoot a range of issues with the New Relic One platform.

You’ll instrument a cluster in just a few clicks with New Relic, and then using a virtual and interactive lab platform you’ll work with powerful kubectl commands to explore the cluster, work with labels, annotations and Helm settings to configure your environment, before working on troubleshooting challenges, and deploying alerts to get notified of future issues.

Content Summary:

  • Use a guided install for Kubernetes to instrument your cluster
  • Use kubectl commands to query and inspect specific Kubernetes resources
  • Learn about Prometheus scrape labels and how to use them to enable Prometheus metric collection
  • Learn about Helm values.yaml files and using them to make configuration changes
  • Learn how to manage common configuration changes related to Fluent bit and log ingestion in Kubernetes
  • Learn about some common issues that may arise in Kubernetes clusters and how to identify them in the New Relic One UI
  • ​​Use Terraform to automate the creation of the Kubernetes NRQL alerts above.
Level up your Kubernetes observability with New Relic

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