Data science teams are under constant pressure from key stakeholders to build successful machine learning models that have a positive business impact. Machine-learning (ML) engineers need to answer critical questions about the integrity and accuracy of models in production while working with site reliability engineers (SREs) and DevOps teams to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of their machine-learning-based applications.

How do you define and monitor the success of an ML model when you also need to focus on application responsiveness and uptime?

The good news is that it’s possible. New Relic is partnering with TruEra, a recognized leader in AI quality management and ML model performance management, to empower data scientists and DevOps engineers to answer critical operational and AI quality questions in real-time.

Why should you integrate TruEra with New Relic One?

TruEra helps you easily track and troubleshoot machine learning model performance with comprehensive model quality analytics and integrated diagnostics.

TruEra helps data science and MLOps teams track key model performance metrics such as accuracy (AUC) and stability.

New Relic’s integration with TruEra provides real-time AI quality performance management so you can see metrics such as:

  1. Stability: model score drift, distribution, and stability score
  2. Accuracy: actual and estimated accuracy, decision trends
  3. Reliability: robustness analytics
  4. Bias/Fairness: disparate impact on groups
  5. Data Quality: data quality trends, rule violations

TruEra doesn’t just help you understand your model’s current performance. It also pinpoints the source of drift on any highlighted trouble spots surfaced in monitoring. This allows you to quickly identify and resolve the source of model performance problems, enabling faster root cause analysis and action. This saves you time, improves governance, and provides a more effective feedback loop by allowing you to collaborate with DevOps teams to improve models and business outcomes.

With these monitoring capabilities, your team can ensure your application is running properly and delivering the right results.

Integrating TruEra with New Relic One

In the following short demo, you’ll see how you can integrate TruEra to New Relic so your monitoring analytics appear within the New Relic platform.