Previously, React Native developers have been unable to use New Relic Mobile APM because our current agent is built for native frameworks (iOS and Android).

At FutureStack 19 in New York City, we announced the development of a React Native Mobile agent in which React Native developers would be able to harness the capabilities of New Relic One to instrument, measure, and improve the performance of their applications. 

Today, we’re excited to announce that React Native developers can use our open beta React Native agent to monitor their pre-production applications to optimize their performance for stable, fast, and reliable React Native apps. 

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The React Native Mobile agent is an entirely new agent that extends the New Relic platform to include React Native support. This agent includes JS Errors, native crashes, custom events and attributes, mobile breadcrumbs, and flexible sessions. It does not currently include HTTP errors/requests. 

From end-user to infrastructure, our React Native Mobile agent gives you a unique perspective across your entire system. Hybrid mobile app developers can now deliver elegant, performant React Native mobile applications and gain clear, actionable intelligence on how their mobile app performance is impacting their customers, product, and business goals. 

Our React Native agent gives developers insight into their native crashes and Javascript errors and so much more. 

Agent features include:

  • Crash monitoring for native iOS and Android as well as for JavaScript errors so developers can prioritize and gain insight into crashes and how to fix them. 
  • Custom attributes, custom events, and mobile breadcrumbs so developers can better understand key flows and track the most important metrics for their app.
  • Background monitoring to capture crashes in the background.  
  • Ability to keep a session open until there is 30-minutes of inactivity. Additionally, developers will have access to the continue Session API, which allows them to keep a session open based on background activities that are considered part of the user’s session, such as watching a movie or running for an hour with a fitness app.
  • Offline crash monitoring to ensure that if an app user doesn’t have access to the internet, the developer will be able to see the stored data when their user gets back online. 
  • Since the new agent is a fraction of our current agents’ size, it's now possible to install on apps that live on devices with size constraints determined by the operating system, like smartwatches or other small devices. 

We look forward to having you install the agent into your pre-production React Native applications and to get your feedback on this exciting new agent!

Interested in getting access to our open beta React Native Agent? Sign up here.