You want observability, but you don’t have the time and resources to spend weeks installing and configuring countless proprietary agents and integrations. Observability relies on connecting all of the dots across your complex environment. Unfortunately, deploying instrumentation is often too complex. You spend hours reading through documentation before manually installing and configuring agents and integrations—one misstep, and the instrumentation won’t work.

With hundreds of telemetry data sources, each with its own instrumentation schemes, each attempt to deploy an integration becomes a toilsome slog. This complexity makes achieving observability frustrating and may cause your team to give up. And then you’re left with blind spots that prevent you from ensuring your customers are getting the best performance out of your software and services. What’s more, new monitoring tools and standards continue to emerge, but if your observability software can’t keep up with the demand for new integrations, there’s not much you can do.

Simplified instrumentation with guided install

New Relic’s guided install is a completely redesigned data onboarding experience that eliminates the toil and need for specialized instrumentation expertise. As a significant example of how focused we are on innovation, guided install empowers you to instrument your applications and infrastructure in minutes.

The guided install experience is powered by system-specific “recipes,” which detect the telemetry-producing systems running in your environment, provides in-app instrumentation recommendations to install, and automatically installs the instrumentation with minimal manual steps. The capability eliminates error-prone configuration and drastically reduces the effort needed to get visibility into your systems. Built as an extensible, open-sourced architecture, recipes are stored in YAML files in our Open Install Library on GitHub, allowing you to modify them or even build your own for your own unique instrumentation needs. When the next hot telemetry-producing system launches, you’re one simple recipe away from sending that data to the New Relic Telemetry Data Platform.

Effortless observability

New Relic guided install gives you simplified application and infrastructure instrumentation so you can achieve observability, using the following three principles:

  • Intelligent: It discovers systems within your environment using a recommendation engine.
  • Automated: It accelerates time-to-value and eliminates manual, error-prone steps through an automated experience that removes the need for in-depth knowledge about observability tooling.
  • Extensible: You can create or extend community-built deployments through the New Relic open source ecosystem to meet your specific needs.

Get started today with guided install:

  1. Select Add more data
  2. Choose Guided install

If you’re not yet a New Relic user, sign up for 100GB of ingest per month and one Full-Stack Observability user license—free forever! You’ll see our guided installation experience after you sign up.