For the third year running, New Relic has been named a Leader in the 2024 GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability, demonstrating our continued market leadership in DevSecOps innovation. New Relic emerged as the only Leader that was also named an Outperformer in this year's report, a testament to our commitment to delivering the innovation you need to run your business, at a rate that outpaces our competitors. 

GigaOm reviewed 21 leading cloud observability providers, focusing on key features, business criteria, and the balance between maturity, innovation, and a comprehensive platform. This analysis equips DevSecOps and IT buyers with the insights needed to choose a cloud observability solution that surpasses their operational and strategic requirements.

Non-stop innovation

New Relic was the first in the observability industry to unify 30+ monitoring capabilities into one platform experience with a simple pricing model, removing team, tool, and data silos. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve continued to build on that lead with more innovation. Over the past 12 months, we’ve released over 80 enhancements—including APM 360, New Relic AI, live archives for compliance logs, IAST for application security, and session replay to understand end user behavior—as well as 175 new integrations. These releases help engineers find and resolve performance problems faster and easier. New Relic’s unique usage-based pricing gives everyone on the DevSecOps team access to our latest features, without having to recontract, so they can mature and scale their observability practice without disrupting operations or budget.

AI-powered end-to-end visibility

GigaOm awarded New Relic a Superior rating for our comprehensive insights into every facet of users’ cloud application environment, regardless of where they reside—be it a single or multi-cloud environment, public or private. This recognition highlights our exceptional capability in monitoring user interaction performance. The New Relic comprehensive platform affords an unrivaled depth of system awareness, with automatic anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and alert correlation from real-time data. These powerful capabilities reflect our continuous efforts to empower DevSecOps teams with the visibility they need to understand the impact of system changes on customers’ experiences.

New Relic’s latest innovations in AI strengthen end-to-end visibility and extend these insights to non-technical teams. AI-powered experiences proactively surface relevant insights directly in DevSecOps workflows, such as logs and errors inbox, with rich context from across the platform. New Relic AI offers natural language querying, dashboard summarization, and platform navigation assistance to help business users self-serve so they can inform decisions across the organization. By democratizing access to complex telemetry insights, these innovations enable customers to standardize on New Relic as their singular source of system intelligence.

“Ease of use and rapid deployment have always been strong and remain a reason to shortlist New Relic.”

Customization for bespoke observability needs

Recognizing the critical impact of uptime and reliability on business performance, we're acutely aware that enhancing the mean time to detection and mean time to resolution (MTTD/MTTR) frees up more time for innovation. That's the driving force behind designing New Relic to integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and processes. The New Relic platform offers flexible and customizable workflows, and frameworks that provide timely insights out-of-the-box, streamlining troubleshooting and ensuring your customers enjoy superior experiences. New Relic's top marks in Ease of Deployment, Ease of Use, and Agility in the GigaOm report reflect our commitment to simplifying the instrumentation and monitoring of your environment. This positions New Relic as the go-to source for all of your system performance questions.

New Relic's recognition as a Leader and Outperformer in this year’s GigaOm Radar for Cloud Observability solidifies our position as the market leader in providing the agile, innovative platform that today’s DevSecOps teams need to confidently make data-driven decisions that will help their businesses thrive.