At FutureStack 2021, our largest event of the year, engineers from all over the world came together to level up their observability game and improve how they build, deploy, and optimize software. Between the more than 50 interactive sessions led by engineers from 30 different organizations (all available on demand), 24-hour hackathon, and live music, we also launched a ton of awesome products and features (read the full recap here). 

On this week’s Nerdlog, we took some time to recap two of the innovations we released at FutureStack: New Relic Errors Inbox and New Relic Student Edition.

Proactively track and triage all errors from a single view with New Relic Errors Inbox

A major component of building connected software with dispersed teams is ensuring you have a unified view of your data. Adam Johnson, Principal Product Manager for Full-Stack Observability, explains how New Relic Errors Inbox uses rich, correlated data across the application stack, including APM, RUM, mobile, and serverless data, to help you more easily detect, prioritize, and take action on all the errors in one place—before the customer experiences are affected. To cut down on noise, New Relic Errors Inbox groups related errors into issues and provides detail down to the stack trace, so you won’t need to leave New Relic One to troubleshoot. Collaboration is easy with shared comments visible across teams for increased context.

Watch the demo video and the following Nerdlog video to learn more about how and why you can speed up grouping and debugging workflows.

Jumpstart Your Career with New Relic Student Edition

To empower the next generation of engineers, developers, and IT leaders, we launched New Relic Student Edition, available for free to students and teachers. In the following video, Jemiah Sius, Principal Product Manager, explains how this packaged offering not only provides students and teachers with hands-on experience with our observability tools, but also helps them learn in-demand tech skills for the future.

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