Self-care for the SRE

Visit our booth

Don’t miss our booth, which is themed around self-care for the SRE. We’ll be giving away self-care items as part of our booth swag. Relax with berry-scented candles and some custom safety matches, while donning your eye mask. Inhale. It won’t be the DNS this time. Exhale. 

New Relic eyemask

We know that SREs are the ones getting up in the night working on outages that no one else is available to worry about. They often don’t have full administration of the environment or the ability to actually fix the problems that arise. Worse, sometimes they can’t see everyone’s observability information or they can’t share information with the coders who can possibly fix the problem. SREs are overworked and often stressed out, and we want to help you rest easier with our technology—so be sure to stop by and chat with us about how we can help you.

Learn about triaging security threats with Pixie 

On March 15 at 2:45 PM, catch our Triaging Real-time Security Threats with eBPF-powered Observability talk. We’ll be discussing how your security teams can adopt observability-first principles to triage ongoing security threats by using the Pixie integration with New Relic One. We’ll teach you how Pixie uses eBPF and the Linux Kernel to extract observability data that can serve as a single source of truth, provide end-to-end traces, and give performance insights. If you’re interested in learning how to analyze data to pinpoint the root cause of an attack, this talk is for you.