The Data Nerd is back and ready to attack—this time, to solve problems using their engineering skills. Tune in to Nerd Days 1.0 starting October 13, 2020 to learn from fellow engineers about the latest techniques for instrumenting, developing, and automating software.

Nerd Days is a free digital conference built by engineers from companies across the industry to benefit every developer, engineer, or practitioner, with any experience level. The event is specifically designed by fellow engineers as a hands-on-keyboard experience with live coding, demos, workshops, networking breakouts, and expert-led Q&A sessions—minimal slideware guaranteed. We’re all about making real connections, in real time, between people and products.

Nerd Days gave me insight on not only the fundamentals to get started with New Relic, but also visibility into new features that I can share with my team. Looking forward to the next Nerd Days event!"

- Manas Khanna, Manager Infrastructure and Devops, SRE Advocate, Univeris

Choose your own adventure by selecting any combination of our five tracks. Have a particular interest in mind? Or want to start with the basics? We’ve got you covered:

  • Observability
  • Cloud Migration
  • Open Source
  • DevOps Journey
  • New Relic Fundamentals


Nerd Days has a lot to offer, and the best part is you can attend from anywhere and take a break at any time. Whether you want to start off your day with a keynote hosted by industry leaders, join an Observability track session later in the afternoon, or immerse yourself in the conference from start to end, it’s your call. This day will be all about you—the developer, nerd, champion, leader, human—and what you want to do.

We are thrilled to share our deep passion for creating more perfect software with you at Nerd Days 1.0. Register to attend today. Want to start learning before the event? Check out our developer site for resources and create a FREE New Relic account if you don’t already have one.