We’re super excited about the upcoming GitHub Universe virtual conference—not just because we’re avid open source contributors, but also because we have big news to share. But you’ll have to wait until the conference begins on Dec. 8 to learn about that.

GitHub Universe is the annual conference where GitHub product leaders, industry experts, and the developer community come together to learn about the product, new features, new projects, and more. It’s GitHub’s equivalent of Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference, where Tim Cook goes on stage and talks about all the major iOS software updates.

New Relic and open source

Going open source is part of a larger cultural shift under way at New Relic, and one that we’re proud of as a company.

After all, our mission is to help our customers develop more perfect software. In that spirit,  we’re proud contributors to significant open source projects, including OpenTelemetry, W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group, and Adopt OpenJDK.


We contribute to the OpenTelemetry project by defining specifications, implementing parts of the specifications in language SDKs, reviewing pull requests from other contributors, and serving as a maintainer in the OpenTelemetry subprojects.

More specifically, we contribute to the following OpenTelemetry projects:

  • Java SDK
  • Go SDK
  • .NET SDK
  • C++ SDK
  • Java Auto-Instrumentation
  • OpenTelemetry Collector
  • Ruby Auto-Instrumentation
  • Erlang

We serve as pull request approvers and contributors to this project and actively contribute to the specification and discussions to evolve it.

OpenTelemetry is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF); we’re a Silver Member of the CNCF.

W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group

The W3C Distributed Tracing Working Group defines common standards for propagating traces and context between tracing tools. We contribute to the following specifications:

  • W3C Trace Context Specification
  • W3C Correlation Context Specification
  • W3C Trace Context Binary Protocol Specification
  • W3C Trace Response Headers Specification


AdoptOpenJDK is the community and code behind the build farm that produces high quality, FREE OpenJDK (Java) binaries.

We're a Silver Sponsor of AdoptOpenJDK and participate in technical work related to the project, including:

  • Performance regression testing
  • Java Flight Recorder (JFR) and Java Mission Control (JMC)
  • Beta testing
  • Build tooling

We also use AdoptOpenJDK binaries extensively in our own JVM-based services and recommend them as the preferred upgrade path from Oracle's binaries.

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We’re elated to work with Github and the open source community to make the internet a better place. During Github Universe, we’ll have an exciting announcement about our commitment to the broader open source community, so stay tuned.

This is one more step along our journey to lift up developer communities and make sure that open source remains valuable and sustainable for everyone in software. We'd love to have you along for the ride, so please stop in and join us. We're looking forward to seeing you there.

You can find out more about GitHub Universe from their FAQ, and you can register for keynotes and breakout sessions just by adding them to your calendar—they’re free. The workshops taking place before the conference run $100 for two sessions, and you do have to register for them (and space is limited so don’t dawdle).