Data Nerd Days 2.0 Bonus Round

New Relic is hosting Data Nerd Days on November 3, the second installment of our user conference where observability experts show you how to monitor every part of your application stack. Tickets are free and you can register right here.

Here’s some of the talks I’m most excited about:

Upgrade your k8s observability with Pixie (for beginners)

By Brad Schmitt and Drew Decker

For those new to observing their Kubernetes clusters, Pixie can seem like magic: giving you a breakdown of individual code execution without even installing a monitoring agent. You'll deploy New Relic's Pixie integration, analyze Service, DNS, and Network flow graphs to understand intra-cluster communication and latency, and traverse Flamegraphs to understand where code is running slowly.

Uncover security anomalies with Lacework

By Adam Larson

With security on everyone’s mind this year, monitoring is a key part of the solution. Lacework is a cloud security platform that delivers automated security and compliance across multi-cloud environments, workloads, containers, and Kubernetes. Learn how you can significantly reduce alert noise and get to the security events that matter with Lacework's quickstart on New Relic I/O (Instant Observability).

Better customer experience with real user monitoring

By Phil Weber

Real User Monitoring and Synthetics can let you know you have a problem on your front end before a single user notices. Learn how to use New Relic's Real User Monitoring capabilities to ensure your front-end experiences are always working. In this hands-on session you'll learn how to collect custom data from your application.

To read more about all the sessions, visit our Data Days 2.0 sessions page

Join us on November 3

Data Nerd Days is completely free to attend, and offers New Relic users a chance to become a certified data nerd™. Registration is easy and open now.  The first five hundred people who register will be entered into a drawing for a Nintendo Switch. See you there!

P.S. Check out the cool swag we’ll be giving away. The first seven hundred people who register and participate will receive this sweatshirt.

Data Nerd Days 2.0 sweatshirt

Can’t join us on November 3? We’ll be hosting two more Data Nerd Days 2.0 on November 11 for Asian-Pacific time zones and December 1 for European, Middle Eastern, and African time zones.