For Beyond Finance, a debt management platform, effective application monitoring is crucial for maintaining resilient applications and happy customers.

At Data Nerd Days 2.0, our live digital conference curated for engineers, Ashley Zagorski, Software Engineer at Beyond Finance, walked us through how her team uses New Relic One to monitor application health. She described how the engineers at Beyond Finance use New Relic One to identify and resolve incidents faster, including how they leverage platform features like custom events, custom dashboards, and workloads.

Ashley also demonstrated how her team uses Errors Inbox, an error tracking solution by New Relic, to detect, triage, and resolve full-stack errors—all in one place. With Errors Inbox as the source of truth, her engineering team is able to better collaborate to understand, troubleshoot, and ultimately resolve errors faster, creating better customer experiences and freeing up more time for innovation. 

Watch the video below to see how Beyond Finance uses Errors Inbox.

Learn how Beyond Finance uses Errors Inbox to monitor application health.

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