Originally launched in 2016, AfroTech is a conference dedicated to bringing Black tech professionals together to highlight the talent, innovation, and resources for success. In 2018, New Relic committed to sponsoring AfroTech to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in the tech sector by engaging and recruiting Relics of Color. In this first phase, we produced a recruiting event, hosted a recruiting booth, and sponsored 12 Relics to attend the conference. 

Our fifth year, 2022, was our biggest and best yet, and our goal was to have a cross-functional business strategy that included employee engagement, leadership level investment, building new tech talent communities to source beyond the event, and hiring great talent.

Conference highlights

We hosted several events at the AfroTech conference to gather as a community and create deeper connections. To kick off the week of events, the Relics of Color and DEI team hosted a welcome reception at Malverde restaurant to share advice on how to make the most of the conference and networking opportunities. Georgie Ariano, Rick Porter, and Ryan Fortman spoke about New Relic’s unique culture and our positioning in the industry. This inspired excitement as attendees networked with each other and the AfroTech community. Most Relics said this was one of their favorite parts of the conference.

Representation is everything. To see so many people who looked like me occupying positions from some of the best companies in the world was one of the most inspiring and uplifting experiences I've ever had. AFROTECH was the perfect reset I needed to generate new goals and continue growing both professionally and personally.

The AfroTech conference agenda was jam-packed with talks covering topics such as “Using Tech & Authenticity to Challenge and Change Norms," “How to Manifest Your Innate Skills to Level Up,” and“ How to Go Beyond the Hype: Web3.”

In addition to creating deeper connections and listening in on informative career development sessions, each Relic spent time at the booth sharing their experience and information about our product with AfroTech attendees. We shared personal takes on our culture, our product innovation, and most importantly opportunities to join and grow your career at New Relic.

To wrap up our AfroTech-centered events, we hosted two employee engagements. We watched Black Panther: Wakanda Forever together.

We also hosted a very special Black Girl Magic Lunch, which allowed our Black Women Relics to have intimate conversations around career journeys and mentorship.

AfroTech was an amazing space to expand my network within my own company, but also meet people from different areas that I normally wouldn't have access to. The sessions were ones that I could really relate to and felt inspired to bring back that knowledge and share it with others.

We appreciate playing a part in Afrotech’s mission to empower Black professionals in tech to pursue their dreams and provide tools to achieve them. See more of the incredible energy from attendees on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Until next year!