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Application performance magic.

Build, deploy, and maintain great software with New Relic APM.

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NEW Distributed Tracing

Distributed Tracing support will let you track a user request through every service in the chain and more easily discover latency issues, path errors, and performance bottlenecks. Sign up to stay tuned for release updates.

It's easy to stay up-to-date.

Better monitoring for better customer experiences

New Relic APM gives you detailed performance metrics for every aspect of your environment, in real-time.

Multi-tenant SaaS
Flexible. Scalable. Powerful. With seamless setup that takes mere minutes.

Monitor all the things
View app performance down to specific lines of code, see how each component is connected, and resolve problems fast.

Full-stack alerting
Move from reactive to proactive management by staying ahead of potential problems before they blow up.

Secure by default
SOC 2 audited and rigorously documented, our data security protocols are second to none. Here's an overview of how we do it.

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Enable the new and never-been-done-before

It’s everything you need to quickly resolve issues, so you can focus on more important things.

End-to-end transaction tracing
Follow the performance of critical transactions across your entire service-oriented application environment.

Code-level visibility
Drill down for instant insights into specific code segments and SQL statements.

Key transactions
Flag your most critical transactions to see when things like response times, call counts, or error rates perform poorly.

Customizable Service Maps
Visualize performance metrics for distributed applications, architectures, and external services in one centralized map.

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"We had that moment: 'This is exactly what we need, exactly what's been missing—so let's get it everywhere.' We did that hackathon in one day and since then we've been on a tear to integrate (New Relic) with all of our products."

Cris Stauffer, Senior Director of Test Engineering, Yodle
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Transaction Tracing

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Cross-Application Tracing

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Key Business Transactions

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Deployment Analysis, History, and Comparison

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Availability and Error Monitoring

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SOC2 Audited

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The power of an end-to-end platform

When you combine New Relic APM and New Relic Infrastructure monitoring with the data-analysis of New Relic Insights plus our powerful alerting capabilities, you can easily track changes that could affect your applications and gain a clearer understanding of the health of your entire business in real time.

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