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Working towards a more perfect New Relic.

Our mission is to create and sustain a diverse and inclusive environment for Relics through a foundation of equity and systemic organizational change.

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We believe that inclusion means everyone.
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We understand that there is always more work to be done.
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We commit to setting measurable targets and holding ourselves and each other accountable.
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We value progress over perfection.
Chart showing the ethnicity breakdown of all New Relic employees

Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the core of who we are.

Our leaders challenge the status quo, even when we’ve faced our own setbacks. We demand better for each other and recognize there is always more work to be done.

The “Mikey Rule”

Named in honor of our departed Senior VP of Engineering, Mikey Butler, who was the executive sponsor of our first Employee Resource Group (ERG) Relics of Color, the Mikey Rule focuses on sourcing and hiring more Relics from underrepresented groups.

Leader-Led Action Plans

In 2020, our Founder Lew Cirne challenged the company to level up with DE&I Leader-Led Action Plans (LLAPs) to maximize recruitment, retention, and career growth for underrepresented groups. Now it is one of our top-level organizational priorities.

DE&I Working Group

Nine company leaders, and Bill Staples our CEO and Tracy Williams our Chief People and Diversity Officer, work together to ensure that our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, is put into practice around the globe.

Chart showing the ethnicity breakdown of New Relic Leadership

Progress we’ve made.

We’ve created tools designed to integrate equity into everything we do—from hiring and promotions, to identifying potential leaders and giving all Relics career growth opportunities. Here are some of our latest milestones. 

BIPOC Engagement

Increased engagement scores among our Black Relics which are now even higher than our elevated company average

Pay Equity

Conducted a global pay equity gap analysis and eliminated pay gaps across gender globally and race in the US

Mentoring Women

Launched a women’s sponsorship program pairing more than 25 executives with female protégés in our product organization

The Mikey Rule

Rolled out this year to boost active sourcing for underrepresented talent

Reducing Bias

Launched Hiring for Success training to ensure consistency in selecting and hiring talent

Career Mobility

Developed an Internal Career Mobility Guide to help Relics learn about and apply for different roles in the company

New Relic employee sitting and talking to another person
New Relic employees with laptops around a conference room table

Nurturing and supporting diversity

In order to do our part to build a broader tech community and expand the pipeline of talent, we sponsor, participate in and host events like these.

People gathering around computer and talking
BIPOC in Tech: Allyship in Action

As part of BIPOC in Tech, we sponsored this event to help Allies of the BIPOC community become co-conspirators for change, and turn their passion and support into action.

Ethnicity of Technical Roles at New Relic

Providing a sense of belonging.

Employee Resource Groups are a huge part of helping New Relic grow in diversity, equity and inclusion. These communities of employee-led resource groups offer new connections, team building, and special programming—and they’re open to all. 

Women at New Relic

Women@New Relic is dedicated to providing safe spaces and advocating for the vibrant and diverse community of women at New Relic.

Relics of color logo

Relics of Color seeks to build a caring, engaged, and active community for People of Color at New Relic.

Rainbow Relics logo

Rainbow Relics provide a platform of networking, ongoing learning, and exchange that positively impacts our LGBTQ+ team members, business results, workplace, and hiring.

New Relic Veterans

New Relic Veterans helps transitioning veterans enter the corporate workspace, assists with ensuring a successful career with New Relic, and provides support for issues faced by veterans along the way.

NeuRelics logo

NeuRelics creates a space for mutual support and learning focused on neurodiversity, and mental health, and ending the stigma around mental health at work and in our communities. 

Global Gender Demographics of New Relic

The next generation of tech talent.

Building a diverse workforce starts with creating opportunities. Our early career programs give aspiring tech professionals with different strengths, ideas, and cultural backgrounds the chance to learn, grow—and thrive in their careers.  

Early Career Engineers and Sales
Early Career Engineers and Sales

Our Ignite Program gives specialized, hands-on training for Associate Engineers to start their careers right. And our expanded program now includes new sales professionals.

Person standing in front of an American flag and posterboard
Breakdown of US employees who are veterans or people with disabilities

The future.

In our next chapter, we’re broadening our long-term DE&I strategy. This year we expanded our benchmarking activities and participated in three assessments including Gender IDEAL, Race Equ(al)ity Index, and the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index. This data will help us prioritize where to go and the best practices we’ll need to get us there.

New Relic isn’t perfect, and our impact can’t be measured by numbers alone. But we’re committed to doing the work needed to help our community of employees, customers, and vendors feel empowered to be themselves—to innovate and thrive, in their careers, and their lives.

Looking ahead, and in partnership with our leaders, our Employee Resource Groups, and our multiple stakeholders, we’re leveling up our DE&I game—and we hope you’ll join us.

Data lines with NR Employees
Tracy Williams headshot

“Everything comes back to the people. Making sure that the people feel that they are being heard and taken care of”

Tracy Williams, Chief People and Diversity Officer