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Schedule I: Solution Offering Terms: Business Insights


The following tasks are included as part of this New Relic Business Insights Package:

a)    Implementation Assistance

New Relic will assist Customer with the following implementation activities as applicable and at the Customer's direction:

  1.     Business Metrics Discovery

        1.1.    Provided that Customer provides reasonable access to its business stakeholders, New Relic will conduct a discovery session for up to two (2) business days, with Customer’s business stakeholders (the “Discovery Session”) to:

            1.1.1.    determine the Customer’s goals for use of the New Relic Insights Product, and dashboarding needs; and

            1.1.2.    identify up to ten (10) Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) that Customer may wish to retain to meet the business requirements of Customer.

  2. Custom Attribute Implementation Assistance

        2.1.    New Relic will assist Customer users to instrument up to fifteen (15) KPIs from two (2) applications to New Relic Insights.

  3. Dashboard Assistance

        3.1.    Based upon the dashboarding needs identified in the Discovery Session, New Relic will assist Customer to build up to three (3) custom dashboards with up to seven (7) widgets each for Customer’s use within New Relic Insights.

  4. Knowledge Transfer and Best Practices

        4.1.    New Relic will provide Customer with up to two (2) business days of knowledge transfer and best practices focused on the New Relic Insights product. The training will focus on New Relic Insights concepts, NRQL queries, and building dashboards and data applications.