The following tasks are included as part of this New Relic Extensibility Services Package:

a)    Implementation Assistance

New Relic will assist Customer with the following implementation activities as applicable and at the Customer's direction:

                1.        Assist Customer with the integration into centralized alerting platforms for sending unidirectional alerts from New Relic into one (1) alerting platform;

                2.        Assist Customer with connecting integration from Step 1 into an incident management workflow;

                3.        Assist Customer with developing up to two (2) New Relic Infrastructure integrations, reporting up to five (5) metrics each;

                4.        Assist Customer with developing add-ons and features that extend, augment or complement the New Relic Products (“Add-Ons”) utilizing the New Relic One platform and data from one (1) external data source.  Add-Ons are subject to the Add-On end-user license agreement as set forth in the Documentation for the New Relic Products unless a specific license for the Nerdlet is included in the distribution.


The following apply to this Package:

        1.        Utilization. If Customer does not fully utilize, request or receive the tasks included in this package, any remaining portion will be forfeited at the end of the earlier of: (i) the period set forth in the Order, or (ii) the one-year anniversary date of the applicable Order, and no refund will be provided to Customer.

        2.       Scheduling. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, (a) the tasks specified in this package will be delivered during the period as set forth in the Order, and (b) all dates and timescales for delivery or completion of any tasks are estimates only.  New Relic will use all reasonable endeavours to adhere to any dates or timescales agreed with the Customer, but will not be liable in any manner for failure to complete any work by any date or any timescale specified. Unless otherwise agreed in the Order, Customer must schedule the performance of any on-site tasks for a minimum period of two (2) days. If applicable to an Order, Customer must schedule use of the package(s) at least three (3) months prior to such Order’s renewal or expiration date, otherwise, Customer risks not being able to schedule New Relic resources for such tasks. After such period, New Relic resources will be allocated on an as-available basis. If New Relic determines, in its sole discretion, that there is not enough time or resources available to complete such tasks prior to the renewal or expiration date of the Order, New Relic will have no liability to Customer.

       3.      Support.  This package includes support for the solution offering provided pursuant to this schedule (if applicable) at no additional charge; such support will lapse at the earlier of: (A) one (1) year from the end date of the solution offering engagement, or (B) the date that Customer no longer has a paid subscription term to New Relic’s products. This support consists solely of maintenance (e.g. bug fixes) for the solution offering, in the form of such solution offering as provided by New Relic.  Any requests for enhancement or modifications related to such solution offering shall be subject to a separate paid engagement.