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New Relic Expert Services

Schedule D: Solution Offering Terms: Cloud Adoption Foundation


The following tasks are included as part of this New Relic Cloud Adoption Foundations Package:

a)  Environment Assessment Report

A New Relic Solution Architect will work with Customer to create an environment assessment report that identifies up to ten (10) applications that may need to be migrated from the Customer’s existing environment to the cloud.

b)  Implementation Assistance

New Relic will assist the Customer with the following implementation activities as applicable to and at Customer’s direction:

  1. Assist Customer with identifying up to ten (10) applications that are in scope for migration to a cloud environment;
  2. Assist Customer with creating a rollout plan of optimal tooling for both pre-migration and post-migration environment that identifies which New Relic products are a best fit for such rollout;
  3. Assist Customer with deployment of up to ten (10) agents on Customer’s pre-migration environment in order of priority;
  4. Assist Customer with the discovery and definition of up to ten (10) KPIs that will be used for establishing baselines;
  5. Assist Customer with creating up to two (2) service maps that provide a visual representation of application architecture (as applicable);
  6. Assist Customer with establishing baselines in pre-migration environment by creating up to two (2) dashboards with up to five (5) widgets each;
  7. Assist Customer with creation of up to two (2) Synthetic scripts to be run against both environments (pre- and post-migration environment) and creation of up to two (2) dashboards with up to five (5) widgets each to compare baseline to migrated environment;
  8. Assist Customer with deployment of up to ten (10) agents on the Customer’s cloud infrastructure (as applicable). This includes configuration assistance with agents for optimal performance and functionality;
  9. Assist Customer with deployment and configuration of up to five (5) cloud integrations to monitor for performance and usage;
  10. Assist Customer with measuring new state in post-migration environment by creating up to two (2) dashboards with up to five (5) widgets each;
  11. Assist Customer with definition and creation of up to one (1) dashboard with up to five (5) widgets to monitor KPIs in both environment (pre and post migration environment) to reflect before-and-after states, focusing on out-of-baseline performance metrics; and
  12. Assist Customer with establishing baseline in post migration environment for the ten (10) KPIs identified and creating a document that reflects the results of migration in both environments (pre and post migration environments).

c) Wrap Up

New Relic will spend up to one (1) business day to provide an engagement wrap-up report.  The wrap-up report may outline suggestions and benefits for Customer’s usage of New Relic Products on a broader scale throughout Customer’s organization.