2023 GigaOm Radar for AIOps

An in-depth analysis of 30 AIOps solutions providers

What is the best solution for my needs?
The GigaOm Radar for AIOps answers this simple, but tough, question. This forward-looking analysis evaluated 30 AIOps solutions providers based on key purchase decision criteria, including vendor execution, product roadmap, and ability to innovate. 

Learn why New Relic is near the center of the AIOps Radar. 
This represents the highest overall value to customers seeking AIOps capabilities to reduce revenue loss and increase operational change.

Read the report to find out more, with:

  • A visual guide to the current market landscape  
  • A detailed breakdown of each vendor’s offerings in their sector
  • Key criteria for why New Relic is positioned near the center
  • What’s driving New Relic’s 12-18 month market lead

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